Who Knew Poinsettias Grew So Big?

by Lara Wilson

It was Hurley who reminded them what the day was, as he was the only one who seemed capable or interested in keeping track of pretty much anything on the island. The castaways had been there for four months and they'd lost five people so far. After the third death to the monster in the forest and the second high tide that had swamped the beach, everyone had moved into the caves. It was crowded, but they were making the best of things and managing to survive.

Hurley kept their spirits up, kept them going even in the face of gruesome death. There was just something about the guy.

So, no one was really surprised one morning when he brought a large plant into the cave. It was at least six-feet tall with large red and green leaves.

Boone, familiar with flowering plants, was the first to figure it out. "Is that a poinsettia?"

"Apparently," Hurley replied as he plopped it down against one wall. "Who knew they grew this big?" No one had an answer to that, though Kate came over and looked at it.

"It's nice, livens up the place," Sawyer said from his usual lounging spot next to the drinking water.

"Why did you bring it here?" Kate asked. "It's beautiful, but it's going to die out of the soil."

"Yeah, but it's the closest thing I could find to a Christmas tree."

All activity in the cave stopped and everyone turned their full attention to Hurley.

"Christmas?" Claire asked, cradling her two month old son to her chest as she joined Kate and Hurley in front of the plant. "Is it really Christmas?"

Hurley clarified, "Christmas Eve. Figured you'd all forgotten."

"I can't believe I forgot Christmas," Walt cried as he ran towards them.

"Think Santa will find us here?"

The young boy turned a glower on Sawyer. "I'm not a baby, remember? I know there's no Santa."

"We got polar bears. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see flying reindeer," Sawyer snorted.

Sayid rose from fire and joined the group around the mock tree. "We should have a feast, celebrate."

Kate smiled at him. "Do you celebrate Christmas?"

"No, but a feast is a feast, and it will be good for the group, and I think I can provide some decorations." With a mysterious smile, Sayid strolled out of the caves.

Hours later he returned bearing bits and pieces of wire and colored glass on strings. He was accompanied by Danielle, who had turned out to be not as insane as he'd originally believed, and since she'd stopped trying to kill him, they'd become friends. She carried a bag full of dried fruit and nuts to share for the feast.

While Locke and some of the others dressed a boar, some fish and several game birds, a large group began stringing up ornaments and hanging them on the tree. When Charlie began singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town, quite a few joined in. When supper was ready, Sawyer even handed over one of the last bottles of wine and everyone had a sip. Conversation was lively, and, while loved ones were missed, and there were no gift exchanges, everyone had a good time.

The firelight sparkled off the bits of wire and glass draped around the poinsettia, and everyone was warm and comfortable. As conversation drifted away, Charlie picked up his guitar and began strumming 'Silent Night'.

To a chorus of voices singing the old carol, Sayid took Kate's hand and led her out of the cave. The night was warm--they were in the southern hemisphere, and it was summer, after all--and the stars were bright. Beneath those stars they kissed, softly, hesitantly, their relationship still new and uncertain. He was still amazed she'd chosen him over Jack and Sawyer, and often wondered if it was because the other two were so overt in their desire for her and he had simply hung back and waited.

But, it didn't really matter, because she had chosen him, and she made him feel something for the first time since Nadia.

The first touch of wet cold on his cheek surprised him and he broke the kiss. Together they stared in wonder at the snow drifting down.

From the entrance to the cave their balladeer softly sang, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."


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