Repeated Indiscretion

by Lara Wilson

"If you use that much blood aster, whomever you are preparing that potion for will end up stiff for days."

The sharp yet silky voice behind her made Hermione jump and yelp and drop the blood aster petals all over the work table. Blushing deeply, she spun around to find her former potions master glowering at her, arms crossed over his chest. "Er...I can explain."

"Why you are in my laboratory in the middle of the night instead of dreaming of sugar plums and other nauseating holiday treats?"

She ducked her head and fiddled her fingers along the seams of her skirt. Twenty-one years old and long out of school, yet he could still make her feel like a schoolgirl. Hermione had returned early from the Christmas holidays in order to prepare for her term of student teaching in Arithomancy. She'd had another goal to accomplish as well, but so far had been unsuccessful.

"Really, Miss Granger, I didn't give you top marks in potions only to have you bungle a sexual stimulant as easy as this one." As he spoke, Severus reached for her ingredients and plucked away half the blood aster and a third of the crystalized mugwort. "Unless you were planning to give half the school erections, this shall do." He sprinkled the ingredients into the heated cauldron and nodded as the mixture began to produce clear pink smoke.

"Er...thank you, professor," Hermione mumbled, mentally kicking herself. She'd known something was off about those proportions, but in her haste to get the potion made, she'd ignored her concerns. "Do you ever sleep?" she blurted out, trying to cover her embarrassment.

He arched one perfect eyebrow. "No."

A helpless giggle burst from her and she clapped a hand across her mouth.

The eyebrow stayed arched while long, slender fingers picked up a spoon and stirred the potion. "You do realize this is nearly dark magic, Miss Granger. Hardly something I would ever associate with you."

"Well, we're all full of surprises sometimes." Reaching for the spoon, she brushed her fingers across the back of his hand, and they both froze.

"And also that this potion does not have to be ingested, but can be inhaled." He took a deep breath and leaned down to murmur, "You didn't need this, Hermione."

"Yeah, well, you've been ignoring me," she murmured back, her fingers wrapping around his wrist to help him stir.

"I have been discreet."

"There's only one more day before Twelfth Night and the end of the holidays. The students will be back on the seventh. It'll be even harder then."

"Maybe I thought it better if we forgot about last summer's...indiscretion." As the pink smoke swirled around them, his voice became husky and he leaned closer to her.

The flush on her cheeks turned to anger. "It didn't seem to matter all autumn and those weekly owls that left me hot and bothered in my empty bed."

Severus' lips tightened and his nostrils flared. "Perhaps those were mistakes."

She shook her head and pulled his hand off the spoon and to her waist. "No. None of it was. I won't let you dismiss me like that." Grabbing his other hand, she pulled it around her back.


"You say I'm too young or too innocent or too sweet, I'm going to punch you." Rising on her toes, she pressed her lips to his in a hard kiss that forced his lips to part. At the first touch of their tongues, they began to drink each other in.

"Hermione," he groaned this time, the potion and her sweet touch making him hard and hungry for her. "Damn you."

"You, too, Severus," she growled, tightening her arms around his neck and dragging his head down for another kiss.

After that, with the smoke swirling around them, making them dizzy and lusty, everything fell nicely into place and Hermione found herself sprawled across the lab table, skirt rucked up, knickers hanging from a bottle of forget-me-nots. As her body grew more needy by the second, she watched as Severus stripped off his robes, his cravat, yanked down his trousers and stepped between her spread legs. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, even as he fell forward and hungrily kissed her.

Hermione reached between them, guided him inside her, and held on tightly as he pounded her into the table. Her hands slid through his hair, found the nape of his neck, scraped beneath his loose shirt, and held him to her. His hands slipped beneath her sweater, cupped her breasts, kneaded them avidly until her nipples pebbled against his palms and she gasped his name.

Her legs went around him, her Mary Janes leaving bruises as they thumped against him with each thrust of his hips, and she dashed kisses across any part of him she could reach. She felt him shudder, heard him growl her name, and then he spilled himself into her in hard, short thrusts.

Hands braced on either side of her, Severus stood there, legs shaking, head hanging, as he panted for air. Hermione wriggled, frowning as she hung on the peak of orgasm, and stroked his hips with the toes of her shoes. Slowly he broke her embrace and reached down to pull up his trousers.

Eyes widening as she watched him, Hermione whispered, "Sev..." in surprise.

"Shh, love," he murmured back, running a shaking hand through his sweat-dampened hair. Reaching down, he took her hand and pulled her from the table. Before she could embrace him, he spun her around and bent her back down, pressing her tender breasts against the hard wood and her mound against the edge of the table. "You knew I'd find you tonight, didn't you." It was a rhetorical question and he continued quickly as his hands pulled her skirt up and rubbed lightly over her bottom. "You made that potion knowing I'd be caught by it."

Hermione lifted her head to protest, and he caught her neck, pushing her gently back down.

"Quiet," he said firmly. "I should leave you like this, but watching your reach the peak of pleasure is so very...stimulating. Still, you shan't get away with what you've done."

And his caressing hand smacked down hard on one firm globe.

Hermione yelped in surprise and squirmed against the shock of pain. She tried to turn her head, but he still held her down, and the second smack, on the other side of her bottom, drove her forward so that her clit rubbed against the beveled edge of the table. "Oh..."

"Quiet," Severus repeated, spanking her again, harder and on the upper thigh. At the sting of that blow and the next and the next, tears filled her eyes, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure rolling over her as her clit rubbed harder with each smack. Hermione gasped and gurgled and wriggled as he spanked her, alternating cheeks, covering every inch of her bottom.

"Spread your legs," he finally ordered huskily, and she struggled to obey, her legs shaking with need and pain.

His hand smacked the inside of one thigh, then the next, and, unable to hold in her cries, she yelped and begged him to stop.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, oh yes," she sobbed, panting harshly.

Smirking, Severus lifted his hand to his lips and licked three fingers, then drove them into her and thumped his thumb against her clit.

Hermione shrieked and went wild as her orgasm crashed over her. She felt him driving his fingers into her over and over again, drawing out her pleasure, and writhed and cried, and finally sank down senseless.

When she recovered some of her senses, she shivered at the chill in the room and no longer felt him near her. Pushing herself to her feet, she stumbled slightly as she turned, then winced at the pain in her bottom. Lifting her eyes, Hermione found Severus seated in his big leather chair, shirt open, legs sprawled out in front of him. His tight trousers did nothing to conceal the bulge at his groin, and his eyes burned into hers.

She remembered that the potion's effects could last hours, and shivered in renewed desire.

With one crooked finger, Severus beckoned her, and she quickly obeyed, sinking to her knees between his legs. As she freed his cock and bent to run her tongue across the tip, he murmured, "When I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk."

It was a promise, not a threat, and Hermione grinned up at him. "Neither will you." Then plunged her lips down over his cock.


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