Vengeance Is A Cold Blade

by Lara Wilson

"You understand."

Her voice is soft and empty, but her eyes hold dark purpose, and he nods. He does.

"For them, for what you did to them, to him, to my father."

It was a contract. If he hadn't taken it, someone else would have, and the man would have suffered. He'd given him a quick death. Others would have made it slow and painful just because of who he was.

The razor sharp blade of the katana presses against his throat, and he doesn't move, but has to speak, even though doing so causes the steel to cut through the first layer of skin.

"Does he know you're doing this?"

She nods, that empty look in her eyes moving to her face, and he knows that when she does this, she will be forever outside the pale and while he will forgive her, she never will forgive herself.

Born an Arrow, she was raised a Bat, and Bats don't kill.

But, to avenge her father, she's finally letting the bit of her that is her mother free.

Just as he always knew she would.

Dick would never kill him for Roy's death, but Lian will.

Slade nods in acceptance and whispers, "Cut straight and true, little Arrow."

And she does.


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