Uncaring Regret

by Lara Wilson

He actually feels sorry for her. He knows what it's like to be used and twisted by family. It's a helplessness he wouldn't wish on anyone.

She doesn't deserve this.

But, it doesn't stop him from using her as well. She's the perfect weapon. His serum takes away the flaws instilled by the Bat, brings her back to what she was trained to be.

A killer.

Cold and deadly and silent.

When she stops talking, he knows she's the way she was meant to be, and he uses her as he needs her. He feels no pride in his accomplishment or the deaths she brings. She is a cog in the machine of his plan. He won't allow himself to regret the need of the assassin.

But he can pity the girl who, once, had fought to free herself from her past and the sins of her family. Who failed.

Just as he had.


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