Two Boys In A High School Locker Room

by Lara Wilson

"What are you doing?" Dick hissed, eyes widening as the hand resting so enticingly over his crotch suddenly squeezed.

"Thought that was pretty obvious," Roy replied with his trademark grin before rubbing his thumb over the bulge he was squeezing through khaki trousers, and pressing the other boy harder against the lockers.

"Someone will see us." Reaching up Dick pressed his fists against Roy's shoulders, but completely failed to give him even one push. Head lolling against hard metal, he panted softly in protest. "Roy, we can't."

"We spent the last two weeks making out at every opportunity and I know you're as horny as I am. I can feel it," he added wickedly, giving his friend another squeeze.

"We're in the gym in our high school and anyone can walk in." The fists spread out until his hands were gripping Roy's shoulders and his hips were arching, making the locker creak. His eyes fell shut and he breathed out one final protest, "Roy, not here."

"Everyone's gone. I checked. Only a few janitors and they're on a smoke break and do the locker rooms last anyway. We can let ourselves out with your goody two-shoes monitor boy earned key...later." Roy shut up any further protest with his mouth hot and hungry on Dick's. Thrusting his tongue between soft lips, he suckled and kissed until Dick was squirming against him and making the locker creak and bang even louder. When he broke the kiss, Dick whimpered and Roy groaned. "Fuck, make that noise again, goes straight to my prick."

"What...noise?" Dick stared at him from glazed eyes, and innocently licked his lips.

"Or do that," Roy groaned again, then dropped to his knees and nuzzled his mouth over what his hand was so eagerly caressing.

"'re really going to..." Biting off a cry, Dick dug his fingers into Roy's shoulders and thumped his head back as his pants were unzipped, his boxers pushed aside and those hot, talented lips were around the head of his cock, sucking and nibbling and driving him crazy.

Listening to Dick try to be quiet and fail, Roy grinned around the cock in his mouth and took him deeper, one hand holding him to the locker, the other squeezing his balls. He wasn't surprised when Dick bucked wildly and spilled himself after only a few minutes, and he brought him down gently, then tucked him away before rising to his feet.

Dick was panting harshly, face red and sweaty, and Roy thought he'd never looked more sexy. Cupping his cheeks, he kissed him and teased, "First timer."


"I'm not." He rotated his hips, grinding his own aching cock against Dick, and watched the passion flare again in his pretty blue eyes.

"Want me to..." Dick blushed and Roy grinned widely.

"Hand, mouth, ass, whatever you're up for, dude."

When Dick spun them, pushing Roy back against the lockers, and dropped to his knees, Roy whistled softly in anticipation and ran his fingers through messy black locks of hair.

And here he'd thought an all boy's school in New Jersey would be deadly dull.


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