Time, And Something More Precious, Lost

by Lara Wilson

Tim awoke feeling foggy and achy. As he lay still, trying to process why he felt that way, he realized he was in his bed but wearing a pair of low-cut jeans and a ratty t-shirt. He frowned and raised a shaky hand to his face, feeling the stubble beneath his fingers. Slowly turning his heavy head, he focused on his alarm clock and saw it was nearly eleven in the morning.

Rolling onto his back, he winced as his ass hit the mattress. It was sore and not sore like he'd fallen on it several times.


Frowning even harder, Tim tried to remember what had happened the night before but the last memory he had was patrolling around eleven p.m. Twelve hours had passed and he'd changed from his costume to casual clothes.

And he'd been...fucked?

Tim felt himself flushing, and crawled from the bed, wincing at every twinge of pain and racking his brains for some shred of memory.

Who? When? Why? Where?


If so, maybe he didn't want to remember. It was always a possibility. Few of the Gotham villains were very discriminating.

But, it was unlikely they'd dress him and send him home.


Opening the bathroom door, Tim was hit by a wall of steam and his eyes widened as he coughed in surprise. The water shut off and the shower door opened enough to reveal the concerned face of his eldest brother.


Tim gaped then turned bright red and spun around.

"Tim, I can explain," Dick yelled, then muttered to himself, "Well, actually, I can't."

Tim slumped on the end of his bed, ignoring the pain from sitting, and shoved his face into his hands. This wasn't happening. Not Dick. Not his brother, his mentor, his friend. Not...Okay, his dirty little mind had sometimes slipped that direction and wondered, but...brother! Legally!


Tim didn't look up, just shook his head, and muttered, "What happened?"

"I don't know." Tim heard a rustle of cloth--a towel--and felt Dick in front of him, low-- kneeling. "Come on, Timmy. Look at me," he said softly.

"Did you..was it you?" Slowly Tim looked up and he knew there was pain and confusion in his eyes but he couldn't help it.

Dick flushed but didn't drop his eyes. "I think so. I don't remember what happened. I was patrolling and then I was here, uniform gone. You were curled around me. We were both dressed, but..."

"But?" Tim silently cursed how hysterical that sounded.

"I had sex with someone." Dick sounded analytical but Tim knew that was the way they'd both been taught to discuss these kinds of things. "There's a high probability it was a man. There are indicators that lead to that conclusion. Lack of specific female...um..." Dick shook his head and sat down, rubbing his hands over his face, then turned the question on his brother, "Was it you, Tim?"

"I don't remember. It wasn't a girl. It wasn't that kind of...sex," he added dully.

"Was it your first time?" Dick asked gently, looking up at him again.

Tim felt his lips tighten and nodded.

"Chances are it was me. Are you hurt?"

Tim replied tightly, "No."


"I'm not. I don't want to talk about this. I'll survive. It doesn't hurt...much. We'll just forget it. Not hard to do since we don't actually remember it."


"You're my brother, Dick." Tim silently cursed the desperate quality in his voice but had to get things back to normal.

"Yeah, I know, kiddo, but there's nothing wrong with this. You're legally an adult and there's no blood relationship. We weren't raised together. What happened to us was wrong only because obviously something happened to make us not remember and most likely it wasn't our choice."

Tim finally let his brain start working. "We should run blood tests. Maybe we ran into Ivy."

"It doesn't feel like sex pollen, but that's a good idea."

Eyes widening slightly as he blushed again, Tim asked, "How do you know what sex pollen feels like?"

Dick grinned and rose gracefully to head for the closet and some of the clothes he'd left there when it had been his room. "Maybe I'll tell you sometime, if you ask nicely."

Tim watched Dick dress and felt slightly better.

"You want to shower before we go down?"

"I shouldn't. There might be evidence."

"Thank god Bruce is out of town, so we can run the tests in peace," Dick said with a roll of his eyes.

"He'll figure it out when he looks at the lab logs."

"Like you don't know how to get around those."

Tim raised scandalized eyes to the older man. "Dick, we can't do that. We were obviously under the influence of some villain. We need to figure it out and stop the person before someone really gets hurt. I mean, I could have been, it might not have been...it might have been someone else. I...need to know it was you."

"Okay, Tim. We'll figure it out," Dick said softly. "We'll stop the person and if you think Bruce needs to know, we'll let him know."

"I don't want him to know," Tim stressed, but his shoulders drooped. "It's just...maybe it's too important to keep from him."

"Yeah, if it's a new villain or a new Ivy pollen or something, he needs to know." Dick sat down next to Tim and gently slid an arm around him. "It'll be okay." Something must have shown on Tim's face, because Dick asked, "What is really bothering you?"

"I just...If we were...together, and it looks like we were, does it...bother you?"

"No," Dick replied honestly. "I would prefer to remember it. I would prefer it was something we'd both wanted. But, Tim, I'm glad it was me. The thought of some villain hurting you...That, I can't take."

"...Oh." He blushed again, then rested his cheek tiredly on Dick's shoulder. "This is really twisted."

"What isn't for Robins, Tim?" Dick said softly and kissed his furrowed brow.


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