Maybe Somewhere They're Girls

by Lara Wilson



"The song, 'Every you, Every me', except they reverse the words in the lyrics which I've never understood."

Tim stares at Jaime. "I meant, the fifty two earths, and the fifty two other you and mes. Although it's quite possible that we don't exist on every one of the parallel earths."

Jaime stares at Tim, then snorts, "Man, you are such a geek."

"So I've been told."

"Cute for a geek, though." Jaime pulls Tim in for a quick kiss. "So, you think on these fifty two other earths we're macking on each other?"

Tim smirks. "Probably on a few. Maybe you're a girl on one of them."

"Why do I have to be the girl?" Jaime complains, then brightens, "Maybe we're both girls."

"Wanna pillow fight?" Tim laughs and kisses him again.


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