Acknowledgments & Disclaimers

Eternal thanks to my best friend, Darry, for making me laugh, for accepting my insanity, for letting herself get sucked into Buffydom.

To my fellow list mummies, my everlasting adoration for all their caring support.

Many pictures and graphics on my pages come from one of the following great sites:

                  Gifs On-Line

Lawrence Goetz

The Wallpaper Machine

Mucho thanks and love to Saffron, who, out of the goodness of her heart, created a whole bunch of banners for my birthday a couple years ago.

The picture on the splash page, the NEW picture on the buffy index page, and the buttons on the fanfic page were made for me by Bulletproof.

The lovely pictures on the first six stories of TEAOW&S were made for me by Jean.

The wonderful Willow and Spike manipulated picture on my Adult Index page was made by Kate Keene.

The lovely pic on the Divine Madness page was made by my Secret Santa (2003), Saraslash

The sexy Willow/Spike picture on the Interludes page was made for me by Katie.

The gorgeous Spike and Lily picture on "Lily" was made for me by Chelle Storey.

Both wonderful Spike, Angel and Buffy pictures for "Sin Wagon" were made for me by Saffron.

The beautiful picture of Spike for "These Eyes" was made for me by Chelle the modest.

If you wish to download any of my stories, feel free. If you wish to put any on your website, please ask me first. I've never said no.

As much as possible, the stories on these pages are copyrighted to Laura Wilson, as are any new characters introduced.

This site belongs to Laura Wilson. Please do not reproduce material found here or the design of the pages without permission.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, the WB Network and a whole bunch of other people. They do not belong to me; I am only borrowing them for a non-profit use.

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