Take Me Home

by Lara Wilson

"There are no such things as ghosts."


Tim gave his best friend the 'you're an idiot' look. "Secret was not a ghost. She was a..."

Kon held up one hand and shook his head. "Don't bother, dude. You know I'll just go all glassy- eyed if you start spouting science crap."

Lips pursing, Tim clenched one hand into a fist for control. "Fine. Can we get back to why you think we have a ghost at the Tower?"

"Because it's hovering right behind you."

Tim turned and there was nothing there.

"It poofed as soon as you moved," Kon said with an unhelpful shrug of his shoulders.

"Are you certain you didn't eat too much pizza for breakfast?"

Rolling his eyes, Kon shook his head. "Come on, Rob, you know anything is possible around here. We got Amazons and men that can fly and guys from the future and you, nothing's more freaky than you. Well, maybe Batman."

"...Fine, I'll do some research." Tim spun and headed for the library and the computer bank, Kon trailing after him, espousing theories.

"...Bet it's an Indian burial ground."

"Did the ghost look Native American?"


"Then why would it be a Native American burial ground?"

"'Cause it would be cool!"

Tim tuned out the rest.


After three hours the Boy Wonder looked up from his databases to find Kon lounging mid-air, trying to balance a pencil on his nose. His snort made the pencil drop and Kon nearly fall. "Do you want me to tell you what I found out?"

"God, yes. I hate book work. Why couldn't I go play video games?"

"Because you put me up to this, so you had to suffer being bored. I offered to show you how to..."

"Rob, if the next word out of your mouth is 'research', I'm so taking away all your cool credits."

"Whatever." Tim pointed to a screen that displayed a black and white etching and a story. "In going through the old deeds and records of the land the Tower sits on, I did find something interesting. Around two hundred years ago a Spanish family was attacked here, and their youngest daughter was killed. They were forced to flee before they could properly bury her."

"Sounds like a ghost to me."

"So, was it a girl, about ten or eleven?"

"Yeah, really pretty and really sad. You believe me?"

Tim was the one to shrug this time. "As you said, anything is possible on this planet."

"So...does she need help or something?"

"I don't know. Why don't you ask her the next time she shows up. For some reason, you're the only one she's appearing to." Idly scrolling the mouse, a word caught his eye, and Tim stopped to read. "Interesting..."

Several minutes went by. "...WHAT?"

"Oh, the family managed to get on a ship bound for America."

"This is America."

"It wasn't, back in 1798. They landed in New York and made their way into what became New Jersey." Tim paused to punch a bunch of keys. "Go try to find her."

"Anything," Kon sighed in relief.


Tim's reading and hmmming was interrupted about ten minutes later by Kon's return. The super teen looked disgruntled and sat down on the desk, shoving aside Tim's notes with his butt.

"All I can get out of her is 'home, home, home,'" he moaned in a falsetto voice.

"She was left behind while her family found a new home, it makes sense."

"But, why me? Did her family end up in Smallville or Hawaii?"

"No, Gotham."

Kon gaped until Tim slowly smirked, then he exploded, waving his hands all over in exasperation. "Then why isn't she haunting you?!"

"I don't know, we probably will never know, but you've brought her to my attention, so now we have to find a way to get her home." He tapped a couple more keys. "Hm...there's an old deed registered in the family name for a plot of land in what later became Gotham Heights..." More key tapping until Tim's eyes widened and he leaned forward. "Huh."

"Stop doing that!"

"I'm a bit baffled as to why she didn't appear to me, too, since her family owned part of the land my dad's house sat on." Pushing back from the desk, Tim rose and pulled on his gauntlets. "Okay, get the ghost and I'll whistle up the Batwing."

As they headed towards the control room, Kon smirked and said, "She came to me because I'm way hotter than you, Rob."

Tim snorted. "In your dreams."

"No, in yours...wait, that sounded totally gay. I meant..."

Both laughing, they pushed through the doors to the control room to call Batman and found a ghost waiting for them, a tiny smile on her face.


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