by Lara Wilson

One moment Lilith was making love with Sirius, gazing up into his warm hazel eyes, smiling as pleasure rolled through her body in gentle waves as she built towards her third orgasm of the night.

And the next she was staring startled into ice-cold blue eyes gleaming with lust. Her hands, formerly gliding down Sirius' back, clenched into fists against Lucius' chest and she whimpered in fear and confusion.

It took her a long moment, as Lucius grunted and pushed into her body, to realize what had happened. Then she squeezed her eyes shut, and tried to ignore the ache inside her from his hard, uncaring thrusts, and the tears that stung her eyes, and waited for it to reverse.

And waited.

Teeth biting into her shoulder made her cry out and shudder in pain, and her eyes popped open. Propped on his elbows above her, Lucius frowned into her tear-filled eyes.

"Stop whining, Narcissa." His mouth cut off all protest, covering hers in a possessive, hungry kiss, and she felt him slam into her and come in hard shudders. Nausea clenched her stomach, and she jerked back from the kiss, gasping for air.

Lucius gave her an inscrutable a look and rolled off her. As soon as she was free, Lilith scrambled from the bed, quickly noting she was in Lucius' richly appointed bedroom, and though it had been many years since she had visited her sister and seen this room, she remembered behind which door lay the bathroom. Grabbing up a robe and wrapping it around herself, ignoring Lucius' snort of amusement, she ran for the momentary refuge of the bath.

Closing the door behind herself, she slumped against it, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Oh god," she murmured. "Narcissa, stop it."

Tying the belt of the robe around her--her sister's--slender waist, she stumbled over to the sink and stared into the mirror.

The face looking back at her was hers, completely identical, except that the earrings in her ears were real emeralds and not little gold hoops, and there was remnants of blood red lipstick on her lips instead of pink.

Lilith gripped her fingers around the edges of the sink and again begged her sister to reverse this travesty, because she knew she couldn't be responsible for it.

Nothing happened.


Narcissa felt the difference immediately and moaned at the pleasurable sensations flooding her body. She closed her eyes for a moment, reveling in the gentle thrusts of the man above her and how her body was hot and wet and receptive, then opened them again and smiled.

Sirius dipped his head and kissed her, panting against her parted lips, drawing her tongue into his mouth for a moment, before breaking the kiss and flinging his head back to groan and shudder. Narcissa caressed his back with her fingers and toes, moving with him, as her eyes drifted over his lean, muscular body. He was dark haired but pale, scarred but shockingly handsome.

And so tender.

As his fingers slipped between them and rubbed her clitoris, Narcissa sighed and slipped into a gentle orgasm, without a thought to her sister.

"Lil," Sirius groaned and came deep inside her, burying his face in her neck as his body shook in release.

"Sirius," she moaned, rocking her body against his in slow undulations as they both came down from their climaxes. "Um...that was lovely." Blinking her eyes open again she ran her hands down his sweat-slicked back and then lifted them over her head to stretch.

Sirius grinned down at her and slid to his side next to her. "That was a perfect flat-warming party."

Narcissa arched one delicate brow at that, but just smiled enigmatically and wondered when the switch back would occur.


A sharp knock on the door jerked Lilith out of her silent prayers and she yelped.

"Narcissa, I'm not finished with you."

There was absolutely no patience in that icy voice, and Lilith shivered and wanted to scream for her sister, but, despite her earlier prayers, she knew neither of them could control this. It would reverse eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later.

But the switch back had never taken this long.

Taking a deep, shaky breath, she opened the door only to have Lucius grab her arm and drag her out of the bathroom and up against his nude, hard body. He glared down into her eyes and she tried desperately to hide the fear she knew must be showing. "I tolerate the fact that you don't enjoy my touch after I fuck you, Narcissa, but you know better to leave my bed before I give you permission."

Oh god, what kind of sick relationship was her sister in? Lilith stammered, "I'm sorry," as he shook her and sent her thoughts careening off in several different directions. When he dragged her back to the bed and tossed her on it, her mind went blank with terror then shot back into the past.


Narcissa watched as Sirius padded back into the bedroom wearing only a pair of low-slung boxer shorts and carrying a tray with a bottle of wine and a bowl of fruit. He set the tray down and climbed back on the bed, leaning against the headboard she sat propped against, the duvet pulled discreetly over her breasts. She accepted the glass of white wine and sipped from it as she watched him munch on an apple.

"You're awfully quiet."

"Just reveling," she replied, locking her eyes with his. "Enjoying myself immensely."

Remembering the pleasure of a loving relationship that she'd experienced only one other time in her life.


Sixteen years old that night, the two girls snuck out of their dorm rooms at Hogwarts to meet their boyfriends to celebrate their birthdays.

Neither knew what was in store for them let alone each other, but all that changed very quickly.


Lilith looked down at the bracelet on her wrist--a thin gold chain sparkling with rubies--then twirled around in a circle laughing. Sirius laughed as well and grabbed her before she got dizzy.

"Nut," he teased.

"I love it! It's the best birthday present ever." Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him, a shy, tender kiss.

"Oh, I think I can do better."

"What? Next year?"

He just grinned and led her over to where he'd laid a blanket beneath an old oak tree. The new grass crinkled beneath their feet and a warm Spring breeze drifted over them. It was night and they'd snuck out, but this was one of their favorite spots and the perfect place in which to celebrate. Together they knelt facing each other and began to kiss again. As they progressed from tender to passionate, their hands began to wander until Sirius cupped one of her breasts and Lilith broke the kiss with a gasp. Through the thin cotton blouse and a lacy bra, he tweaked her nipple to hardness. Heat blossomed between her legs and she blushed. They'd been petting like this for several months, going so far as to be topless, but she still blushed, which just made him chuckle and kiss her again.

In retaliation, her hands found the hem of his Polo shirt, sliding beneath it and across his taut stomach, making him groan into her mouth and press against her. Together they tumbled to their sides, legs entwining, hands caressing as the kiss continued, all tongues and heat.


Narcissa tightened her grip on Lucius' hand as he led her blindfolded down a musty hall of the castle. She could feel a chill in the air, but she also shivered from anticipation. It was her sixteenth birthday and Lucius had promised her a special treat. She hadn't seen him since the Christmas holidays, although they'd corresponded daily--well, she had--through owls, and she'd missed him.

On her free hand her betrothal ring felt heavy and strange against her slender finger, but she rubbed at the band and raised setting with her thumb, smiling at the smooth facets against her skin. A diamond surrounded by emeralds set in white gold--ice combined with their school colors. It was flawless, perfect.

A door opened and closed behind them, and warmth hit her along the smell of burning wood. The blindfold was removed and she looked around the small round room--a tower room--in surprise. A fire burned on the hearth. The only other thing in the room was a massive bed piled with green brocade and velvet coverlets and silver silk pillows.

Narcissa flushed and turned to face her fianc‚. "Lucius..."

He smiled down at her, a tight-lipped twitch of his lips that didn't meet his eyes. "I told you to prepare for a surprise." As he spoke, he raised their joined hands and placed a kiss on her knuckles. "You're sixteen today, a woman."

"I thought...I thought you didn't...You've never indicated that..."

A frown flickered across his pale face and he released her hand. "I didn't expect incoherence."

That made her flush deeper and she fidgeted her hands alongside her hips, feeling like a child being scolded. "I'm sorry. You really did surprise me. I never knew...you wanted me," she whispered.

"We are officially betrothed finally. It's not a question of want, Narcissa. You are mine at last."

She gave him a confused look and her eyes widened as she watched him shrug out of his pristine black wool jacket and begin to unbutton his white linen shirt. "You don't want to wait until our wedding night?"

"I've waited too long." The eyes that ran over her slender body encased in a white silk wrap dress were hot and they made her tremble. As he focused on her breasts, she felt her nipples harden, and whimpered softly. Lucius had never done more than press a kiss to her cheek or hold her hand--and she would never have allowed another boy to do even that much. This was all too new.

"Undress for me, Narcissa," he ordered softly, tugging his shirt off and revealing a man's body, lean yet muscular, a light dash of pale hair across his chest. When had he become a man?

Swallowing convulsively, she obeyed him, untying the green and white Celtic patterned belt that held her dress closed. The sides parted, revealing a demure white slip, and as she let the dress slide to the floor, she shivered. Her fingers found the straps, but froze there. Her eyes flew to him and saw that he wore only a pair of trousers as he strode over to her.

Lucius brushed her fingers aside and pulled the straps down her arms, then shoved the slip to her feet. He lifted her out of the pool of material, leaving her shoes behind, and swung her onto the bed. Instinctively, Narcissa covered her naked breasts with one arm as she lay back against the pillows wearing only a skimpy pair of knickers.

"Make it worth the wait, Narcissa," he said huskily as he placed one knee on the bed and flicked open the fastenings to his trousers.

"I don't know what to do," she stammered.

"I'll teach you everything you will ever need to know," he replied, skimming his trousers down his legs, freeing his erection.

Narcissa's eyes became huge and she gasped and shook her head. "I...I'm not ready..."

"But I am."


Lilith lay back on the blanket, her body glistening with perspiration as Sirius tugged her knickers down her legs, his hands driving her crazy. She trembled, but not from cold. Her body felt like it was on fire and she knew that he was just as needy. The hands that parted her thighs trembled and the raw look on his face sent an answering tremor through her. She glanced down his smooth, muscular chest to the erection that sprung forth from dark curls. She wanted to touch it, but wasn't sure how to go about doing that, so instead she ran her hands over his shoulders and down his back, pulling him to her for another kiss.

"I love you," she whispered against his lips. "This is right."

"Gods yes," he groaned, gliding his hands over her hips, lifting her to rock their bodies together. His cock slid along her slippery cleft and they both shook with desire. Panting, Sirius tried to slow them down by turning his attention to her breasts. Dashing kisses across them, he flicked his tongue against one of her nipples and she moaned and dug her fingers into his hair.

"Do that again."

Grinning, he obeyed and lapped from one nipple to the other.

The spark of lust went straight from her nipples to her clitoris, making the bundle of nerves swell and throb. Lilith had pleasured herself before, but she and Sirius had never progressed to this point where the desire was so intense she needed release. The minor frustration after light petting sessions could not compare to this.

"I need..." she gasped, then tugged his head up so that she could see his eyes burning for her. "Oh please, Sirius, please, touch me there, I ache so much, make me come," she babbled, grabbing one of his hands and shoving it towards her inner thigh.

His eyes lit up and he nodded, then kissed her hungrily as he lifted his hips enough to slide his hand between them. Parting her damp curls, he stroked his fingers down her swollen labia, then up to rub her clit.

Her hips bounced off the blanket, pushing his hand up against the underside of his sensitive cock, and he hissed, then rose to his knees, his fingers never stopping. "Is this right, Lil?" he asked hesitantly, as she writhed and moaned.

"Fuck yes," she swore, digging her fingers into the blanket as her back arched off the blanket. Opening her eyes, she saw the pleased smile on his face and that sent her rocketing into orgasm with a loud moan.


Narcissa bit into her lip to hold back a cry of pain as Lucius drove into her body. She was tight and only slightly damp, not nearly ready, and his selfish kisses were doing nothing to prepare her. Her hands fell from his shoulders where he'd told her to put them and wrapped into the covering beneath her. She squeezed her eyes shut and silently prayed he'd be done quickly.

As he pushed deeper into her, she felt something tear and couldn't hold back her cry of shock and pain. Burning heat filled her and she felt herself grow wet, but not from desire.

"Yes," he hissed, slapping his pelvis against her as he fully sheathed his cock in her virgin passage. "Mine." He pulled back and thrust again, watching her breasts jiggle with the force, then frowned. "Open your eyes, Narcissa. Watch me fuck you."

Slowly she obeyed, blinking away tears, her lower lip worried between her teeth as the pain continued spreading ice through her veins. Lucius was on his knees, his hands on her thighs, spreading them wide. She watched as he pulled slowly out of her and, before he could thrust in again, she saw blood dotting his member. Going even paler, she closed her eyes, rolled her head to the side and thrust one fist against her mouth to restrain futile pleas for him to stop.

Lucius grunted and drove into her again.


As Sirius slid into her for the first time, Lilith wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips and wriggled slightly. She was hot and wet, but still tight and there was some discomfort.

"Okay?" he asked, concerned, panting slightly as he braced himself on his elbows above her.

"Yeah," she breathed softly. "It's okay, don't stop." She tugged him down for a brief kiss, then buried her mouth in his neck as her hands glided down his back to his hips. Tightening her legs, she pulled him deeper into her, forcing him through her virginity. She gasped out a small cry at the tearing ache, then smiled weakly as he dashed kisses across her cheeks and lips. The pain was fleeting and they lay still, letting her body adjust. As she felt his cock fill her, rub against sensitive places inside her, the desire quickly returned and she nipped his neck, then let her head fall back so she could look at his face.

The tension there made her smile and stroke her hands back up to his neck and hair. "Don't stop," she murmured again, shifting her hips up to meet him.

"Oh fuck, Lil," Sirius groaned helplessly, his eyes going wide and dark. "I never knew...so damn good."


Smiling at each other they began to move together, awkwardly at first, but then with increasing skill as their bodies instinctively knew how to respond and their desire drove them together.


A minute passed, then another, and finally Narcissa felt something other than pain. She wriggled her hips and gasped as hot pleasure flooded through her. She felt Lucius on top of her, his chest rubbing against her breasts, and wondered when he'd changed positions, then she groaned as her hips smacked down against something much firmer than the down mattress. Her eyes flew open and she gaped at dark hair falling damp over a ruddy face and snapping hazel eyes. Then lips found hers and she responded helplessly as her hands caressed and gripped the undulating back of the boy on top of her, inside her, making her so hot and needy.


Lilith let her eyes go closed, focusing on the pleasure in her body as her clit burned and ached, her nipples tingled and everything put together was leading to another climax.

And then everything went cold. The pleasure vanished, replaced by discomfort and a cold, tearing pain deep inside her. She felt hands digging into her thighs, heard harsh grunts, and she moaned, squirming, trying to get away even as her eyes opened and stared up at long blond hair and ice blue eyes, and pale, hard flesh slamming into her resisting body.

Choking on her breath, Lilith pushed up on her elbows, trying to knock him off her even as her mind spun wildly in fear and confusion.

A hand grabbed the nape of her neck, jerking her up into a near-sitting position even as hard lips covered hers in a darkly carnal kiss.


Arms and legs wrapped around Sirius, Narcissa rocked with him, kissing and moaning, fingers digging into his shoulders, teeth nipping at his lips. She felt his fingers on her clitoris, and bucked against them as they caressed her just hard enough to send her flying over the edge into a powerful orgasm. As she cried out and quivered in his arms, she felt an answering response in him as he shook and groaned and spilled hot wetness into her eager body.


As she fell back beneath Lucius, crushed into the soft mattress by his hard merciless body, Lilith felt her lips going numb beneath the pressure of his kiss and finally parted them with a gasp. His tongue invaded her mouth, repulsing her. Her stomach turned, and she pushed her fists futilely against his chest. As tears burned against her closed eyelids, Lilith felt him shudder and growl, then come in hard spurts into her cold, aching body.


The warmth returned and Lilith warily blinked open eyes free of tears. Sirius smiled goofily down at her, then kissed her softly before rolling to her side.

"Wow, Lil, that was amazing. Why the hell did we wait so long?"

Putting on a brave face and trying to shove aside what had just happened, Lilith snuggled against him, her head on his shoulder and replied, "I'm glad we did, actually. My sixteenth birthday, sweet sixteen. It should be special."

It should be special, not horrible.

Swallowing her tears, Lilith tried not to think about her sister trapped in such a painful and cold relationship with Lucius Malfoy.


The warmth faded sharply and Narcissa forced her eyes open to see Lucius above her, a pleased smirk on his face. She swallowed convulsively and let her hands fall away from where they were fisted against his chest.

As he levered himself off her, stretching, he gave her a look of prideful ownership. "I was surprised and pleased by that bit of feistiness at the end, Narcissa. Learn quickly that I don't enjoy a limp noodle in my bed."

She nodded even as she dragged a loose coverlet around her body and wondered, not for the first time, why Lilith got to have the sweet and loving boyfriend and all the pleasure of life, and she had duty.

And this cold, severe man.


Neither girl ever talked about switching places at such a crucial moment--the first time since the onset of puberty. Not with each other, their lovers or anyone. Neither one of them ever knew which of them had instigated the switch or how it had happened or if they had any control over it.

Lilith tried to pretend it had never happened.

Narcissa wished it would happen again.


As Lucius came down over her, shoving her legs apart with his knees, his hands squeezing her breasts through the thin silk robe, Lilith opened her mouth to scream.

And found herself sitting in her bed drinking wine. She nearly dropped the glass, but caught herself, forcing aside the shivers of relief.

"You okay, luv?" Sirius asked, frowning in concern.

She smiled brightly though her mind was whirling with turbulence, and nodded. "Just weak in the knees."

He grinned and dropped a kiss on her bare shoulder. "Glad to see I can still make you feel that way after a dozen years."

"Always," she replied huskily, magicking away the wine glasses and the tray so that she could turn into his arms and press him down onto the bed.

"Again?" he smirked.

Straddling his hips and forcing herself to forget the switch with her sister, Lilith murmured, "Forever," before hungrily kissing him.


Narcissa came back to herself to find her husband dragging her robe down her shoulders, an angry glower on his face. Her thighs ached as he forced them wider, and she whimpered uncontrollably at the loss of those few moments of pure pleasure with her sister's lover.

Damn Lilith. Somehow in that brief spate of time she'd angered Lucius, and now Narcissa was the one who was going to pay.

As Lucius bit and sucked at her throat and forced her onto her stomach, Narcissa cursed this gift that showed her what love and relationships were supposed to be like then snatched that dream away and brought her back to her frozen, empty life.


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