Some Truths...

by Lara Wilson

Rationally she knows the cameras weren't set up by Logan, but there's little rational about her any more. She's running on emotion and instinct. Her heart had told her to flee. Her heart tells her lots of things, mostly to ignore the truth and not think so much.

She should be dealing with the truth of the rape, her loss of virginity, the drugged seduction, whatever the hell it was, but again, that takes thought and it's so much easier to ignore. After crying her eyes out, she shoved the truth to the back of her mind, and keeps one thought at the fore.

There's no proof she's Jake Kane's daughter.

That she'd torn up the proof--one way or the other--niggles at her, but she ignores it. If there's no proof, then what happened between her and Duncan isn't wrong, isn't...bad. She can file it away as a thing that happened, but since she has no memory of it, it doesn't affect her.

It's so easy to convince herself that's the way to go, especially when Logan is kissing her and making her tingle in ways that only Duncan had before. Duncan her boyfriend, not her brother.

But, then, she shoves Logan away again and the truths creep back in. Without him, there are only so many ways to distract herself. Throwing herself wholeheartedly into solving Lilly's murder works for her for a while.

There's that spot inside her, though, where the idea that they were more than just friends, that they were sisters in more than soul but in reality, makes her ache more and more with every breath she takes. That truth is growing harder to ignore.

Thankfully there's her mom's return to distract her. That fills her mind, and she ignores the truth lurking in Lianne's troubled eyes. The truth that there is a possibility.

And, without wanting to, at odd moments, she finds herself thinking about the shredded test results, until she shakes herself out of it and forces her focus onto the murder, onto Abel and the hooker, onto Weevil's obsession, onto the pen.


She works on solving her possible sister's senseless murder and ignores so much else, even as Logan knocks on her door and calls her name. It would be easy to lose herself in him again. Maybe she should give him another chance because the cameras can be explained and his kisses are the best distraction she can find.

Even if they do remind her of Duncan's touch and how good it felt--and how good it will still feel even if the truth is true.

Rationality has nothing to do with her anymore and truth is unwelcome and this is her life.

And Veronica opens the door and pulls Logan in.

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