A Secret Revealed

by Lara Wilson

"I told you to stay away from Potter," Lucius growled in fury, his spell pinning his naked son to the wall of the cheap inn room that reeked of sex and was filled with the incoherent cries of Potter in a body bind spell on the rumpled bed.

Draco writhed, clawing at the invisible hand around his throat, his feet kicking the wall a good foot from the floor.

"Anyone else, anyone, Draco! You could have your choice of the wizards of witches of your age across the world, but not Potter!"

The pressure eased and Draco choked and gasped out, "Father..." His head banged back, making his eyes water. "Please..."

Sneering, Lucius dropped him and watched him sprawl in a boneless, shaking heap on the threadbare rug. "You never listen, Draco. You never obey."

"I...I try. I just..." Draco tried to push himself up on weakened arms, turning his head to look up at the cold fury on his father's face. "I know he's your enemy but...but surely this isn't so bad. It's just sex."

"Bad? It could not be worse."

Truly confused, Draco could only shake his head and ask, "But, why?"

The sneer only deepened with disgust. "Get dressed and apparate home. I shall clean up this mess."

Draco's eyes widened in fear. "Father, please, don't..."

"Hurt him? As if I dared, idiot! He is our Lord's. Not mine to kill and not yours to do anything with ever again. Get. Home!"

Shaking like a leaf, Draco managed to pull his clothes to him, dress and leave with one last fearful look at the young man still pinned helplessly to the bed.

Lucius watched his son leave, then turned back to Potter. The boy's fear was palpable, but he'd been truthful. He couldn't do anything permanent to harm him.

With a wave of his wand, he flung jeans and a t-shirt over Potter's nudity, then released the body bind spell.

Holding the clothes to himself, Harry managed to keep his voice even, despite his fear. "Are you going to kill me?"

"You don't listen either, stupid boy. Get dressed." Holding his wand at the ready, he crossed his arms over his chest and watched dispassionately as Harry self-consciously dressed. Being clothed seemed to embolden him, and he mirrored Lucius' stance, arms crossed. He made no move for his wand, though, and his feet were bare.

Slender feet, the toes long and straight, the arch high. An image rose in his mind of feet kicking at him and he could almost feel the heels on his back, trying to hurt him.

Lucius swallowed hard, still angry and frustrated. "How long has this been going on?"

Harry's chin went up in defiance. "Two months."

Lucius' eyes closed briefly in horror. "It ends now and you never speak of it to anyone."


The wand came up, aimed at Harry's forehead. "I may not be able to kill you, but I can make you forget all of this."

Eyes widening, Harry shook his head. "No, don't. Just...why? I mean, I know we're supposed to be enemies and we were for years, but it's not...it's not love or anything. It's just..." Reddening in embarrassment, he shrugged helplessly.

Silent for a moment, Lucius gathered himself, and when he spoke, his voice was soft and his eyes drifted away from Harry's face. "I have done many despicable things, both by the Dark Lord's command and for my own desires. I make no excuses and I feel no remorse. I am what I am and what our world has made me. I am a Dark Wizard and a Deatheater and I have slaughtered a hundred innocents."

His arms unfolded and he forced himself to meet Harry's confused and worried eyes for a moment. Eyes so familiar.

"I have no regrets for what I did to your mother."

Harry paled but held his ground and, when Lucius remained silent for a moment too long, bit out, "What."

Lucius made no attempt to sugarcoat his response. "A month before you were conceived, at the Dark Lord's orders, I raped her."

Staggering in shock, Harry nearly fell, then dove for his wand, only to be held immobile again by a simple, wordless spell. "Bastard! You fucking, bastard! I'll kill you!"

With a sweep of his wand, he sent the boy spinning to the bed and moved quickly, crouching over him, the tip of the wand at his throat as he tried to struggle. "Shut up, boy, and listen well, for I will only say this once." Ignoring the fury glittering in the green eyes, he spit out, "I did what I was ordered to do, and your mother chose to keep it a secret. When she was impregnated by her husband, she was already pregnant with my child. She kept it a secret as well, and the only one to know she birthed twins was the midwife, sworn to secrecy, and me. Your precious Lily contacted me when she realized she carried my child as well, made a deal with me to give me the elder child if I never told anyone. She lied to your dolt of a father. She lied to everyone."

"She...she had no choice! You raped her. It was all your fault," Harry protested, grasping at straws as tears slid from his eyes, finally whimpering, "She must have been so scared."

Lucius gritted his teeth at the boy's obtuseness. "Think, boy! Ten minutes before she gave birth to you, she gave birth to my son."

Slowly Harry's eyes filled with a horrified knowledge until he finally choked out the only thing he could. "Draco?"

Nodding, Lucius rose from the bed and straightened his coat. "It's bad enough he's a Slytherin and a Dark Wizard, but you've been fucking your brother."

As the body bind spell released, Harry flung himself from the bed and barely made it to the bathroom before he was violently sick.

Making a moue of disgust, Lucius hoped that Draco took the truth better. He was a Malfoy, after all.


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