Saucy Minx

by Lara Wilson

She walked down the street like she owned it. Head held high, impossibly long eyelashes fluttering flirtatiously at every man she passed, she swayed her hips, sending her short skirt swirling around slender yet muscular thighs, revealing the black lace at the top of the stockings covering long legs that ended in bright red, three inch heels. The red heels matched the red on the saucy lips and the tight leather bustier.

As she passed him, she blew him a kiss and winked, then kept going.

Dick watched with barely concealed lust, his cock hardening as his mind instantly produced an image of those red, pursed lips leaving lipstick kisses up and down his shaft. Groaning, he adjusted the bulge pressing painfully against his zipper and started to follow her. His eyes quickly found her, landing hard and hot on her hips and curvy backside. As he watched her, lusting after her, he knew he wasn't the only one and felt jealousy prickle at the back of his skull and redden his face.

With his long legs, he caught up with her before she reached the end of the block and, coming up on one side, draped an arm over her shoulder. "Tease."

"Why? Because I look good?" she drawled, the innocence in her voice belied by the exaggerated sway of her hips.

With a warning squeeze on the shoulder beneath his hand, Dick turned them and guided them into a narrow, dead-end alley. Spinning the girl, he pushed her against a wall, his hands tight on barely covered, slender shoulders. "Because you know it and you use it and I'm tired of it."

A pout formed on those pretty lips. "You don't own me." As she spoke, one of her legs rose to curl around the back of his knees. "But you can have me."

Leaning forward, Dick growled, "Do you say that to all the guys?"

"Maybe." Her eyes twinkled with wicked humor.

Dick turned red and twisted away from her caressing foot, spinning her and pressing her cheek against the dirty brick, his arm across her upper back to hold her there.

"Oooh, gonna do me here?" She wriggled her hips, then yelped when Dick swatted her.

His instinctive reaction to her blatant desire and her cry of surprise aroused him even more and he flipped her skirt up, revealing black nylon panties pulled tight over slight curves. Dick spanked her again, just below those panties and above the lace, and watched her tremble and her skin redden.

"Dick," she panted, pleading low.

"Maybe I should have done this months ago," was his dark reply as he swatted her again and again until she was moaning and writhing and his cock was throbbing with need. A quick yank had her panties down to her knees, and another freed his cock.

"Right jacket pocket."

Dick fished out a small tube of lubricant and a condom, and smirked as he applied them, then, hand on the nape of her neck, he bent her down and watched her place her hands flat on the wall.

"Do it," she begged, wriggling her bruised bottom until he smacked her again, then grabbed her hip to hold her still. As his other wrapped around the base of his cock to guide him into her, he heard her hiss low in her throat and saw one of her hands slip to her stomach.

Dick slid deeply into the tight passage, then took her other hip and began to thrust. Head back, harsh grunts bursting from him, he fucked her as she writhed and moaned and squeezed around him. Leaning forward, he placed a hard nip on her neck and growled, "Are you touching yourself?"

"Yes...Oh god, yes."

"Good. Because, I won't."

"...Shitttt." She arched onto her toes and bucked back against him, smacking her sore bottom to his hard pelvis. "Harder."

"Demanding little bitch."

"You love it," she panted.

He did. She was his addiction, no matter how he tried to break it. With a shuddering grunt, he came and slumped against her, one hand braced on the wall, the other idly caressing her hip.

She panted harshly and thrust back against him and he peered over her shoulder to see her working herself with fast strokes. As she came with a sharp cry, he kissed the bite mark, then pulled out of her. They both cleaned up without looking at each other, and Dick was fastening his belt when he found his arms full of a wriggling, hot body and his mouth hungrily attacked. As they kissed, his arms went around her back to cup her bottom, thumbs pressing into bruised flesh until she hissed.

"You deserved it."

"Yes," she breathed against his mouth.

"Fucked like a dirty slut in an alley."


"Saucy little minx."

That made her laugh and pull away from him. "Minx? Dick, no one uses that term anymore."

"Calling me old?" Dick scowled and crossed his arms over his chest. "I can turn you over my knee and wallop you again."

"You only got away with it the first time because I wanted it."

"I'm bigger than you."

"Not in these heels."

"I'm older than you."

"Well, yeah, you're ancient." She grinned wickedly and ducked away from his reaching hand. "I gotta get back to work. You're really not the predator I'm looking for."

"I heard. Be careful."

"I always am. I only let certain men drag me into alleys. The bad guys and my big brother." A twitch of her skirt and she was ready. "Now, let me get back to work and I'll see you tomorrow for Sunday brunch. Alfred's making pecan pancakes."

"Can't miss those."

"Maybe, afterwards, we'll have time to find some other uses for maple syrup," she added with a quirky grin before leaving the alley with a sway of hips and toss of hair.

"You're a wicked young man, Tim," Dick mused as he tossed the condom in a trashcan and shook his head in bemusement. The kid made a damn sexy woman, though.


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