Romance Is In The Air

by Lara Wilson

"She'll break your heart."

A roll of the eyes conveys his feelings on the subject more eloquently than the spoken word, and she snorts and lifts her wineglass to her lips.

*If she does, it's just one more experience I'll learn from.*

"She's flighty--a dancer."

*And I'm an artist, what's your point, mom?*

"You're too similar."


Unable to resist, she grins at how he uses sign to stretch out his exasperation.

"You're only eighteen. Have fun, but don't get serious, not with her."

*Who said I was serious? Love is fun,* he stresses. She watches as he flicks his eyes over to the girl clearing a nearby table. *And she's so pretty.*

"She'll break your heart," she reiterates with a resigned sigh.

*Then let it be broken. It'll mend.*

Leaning over the table, he kisses his mother's cheek, then goes to join his new girlfriend.

Addy watches her baby leave the nest and find happiness with another person, and feels a bit of melancholy.

It's been along time since she's had fun...or romance...or even love.

She determinedly doesn't think of him.


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