There'll Be Pie

by Lara Wilson

Even in Gotham crime comes in waves and it is during a momentary peaceful ebb that Tim sits with Dick atop Wayne Towers munching on one of Alfred's delicious ham sandwiches-- just the right amount of coarse mustard on homemade wheat bread--and scanning the horizon.

Dick chuckles.


"Ever vigilant."

Tim frowns. "Yeah, so?"


Tim haphazardly swats at his brother, making the older man laugh again as he ducks.

"Just wait, Timmy. The peace and quiet never lasts long." He takes a tupperware container from his pack. "Hopefully long enough for us to share this." He removes the lid.

The aroma makes Tim salivate and stuff the rest of the sandwich in his mouth. "Alfred's key lime pie?" he mumbles around the bread and ham.

Dick hands him a plastic fork and digs the second one into the tasty treat. Just as he raises the fork to his mouth, the alert goes off in both their ears.

Robbery in progress at the art museum.

"Dang," Tim mutters and quickly snags one bite of pie before Dick reseals the container.

"It'll wait."

"I'm not sure my taste buds will survive the deprivation."

"Think of it as incentive," Dick grins as they both rise to their feet to throw themselves once more into battle.

The quiet is over, but come morning there'll be pie.

It's enough.


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