Perverted Innocence

by Lara Wilson

There were hands on him, skin touching skin, moving over the scars on his chest, the brand on his shoulder. He felt warm, moist lips touch his in a butterfly kiss, then dance down his chin over his throat. Teeth scraped his Adam's apple, and he groaned at the painful nip of pleasure.

He tried to open his eyes, but they were so heavy, swollen shut with sleep and something else. His mind was a swirl of color and sensation, most thought too deep to take hold.

So, he simply felt and sensed and tasted.

The air was heavy with perfume--musk and violets, citrus and something smokey and elusive. He breathed in the scent deeply and his head reeled.

He heard laughter--low, feminine--and his cock thickened beneath the thin layer of trousers. He could feel her moving against him, her heat warming him, her hands teasing him, but he couldn't remember who she was.

The lips returned to his, parting them. A tongue slipped into his mouth to find his and duel. He tried to lift his arms to embrace her, but they were limp at his sides, so all he could do was kiss her back with growing hunger. One hand traveled down his chest and slid beneath the drawstring of his trousers. His cock leapt with need. It seemed like forever since anyone else had touched him there as she was doing, her fingers stroking up and down his shaft, her palm rubbing over the tip. The tightening in his balls made him gasp and arch into her hand.

Again he tried to open his eyes to identify his mystery lover, but it was impossible. Lust mixed with dizziness kept him immobile and helpless. When she tugged his trousers down his legs it was all he could do to lift his hips to aid her.

Small, firm breasts pressed against his chest as lithe legs straddled his hips, and he groaned again, lust driving him. She cooed and moaned above him, rocking her hips and driving his trapped cock along her hot, wet quim. He thrashed his head, tried to arch his hips and push into her, but she was in control, and it was several long, frustrating minutes, before she finally lifted up and impaled herself on his cock.

Being sheathed in wet heat that squeezed around his shaft nearly made him come, and he groaned, a long, drawn-out sound of need. She made no sound, but her hands were on his chest, clawing at him with blunt nails, as her hips rocked, driving their bodies together.

The smell of sweat and sex mingled with the other aromas, making him even dizzier, and he could feel his eyes roll back beneath the lids. His teeth clenched, holding back a shaky grunt. His heart pounded in his chest, the sound roaring in his ears, and now, above it, he could hear her laughing--a high, tinkling sound that sent shivers of confusing dread through him.

Again her inner muscles clenched around him. He could feel them fluttering against his cock, the sensations magnified by his need, and it was enough to make him spill himself helplessly into her, his hips bucking upwards, his body shaking as pleasure flooded him.

He felt himself collapse limply beneath her, his cock softening inside her, and he dimly wondered if she'd come, too, but he was just so tired and the scents overwhelmed him. The lights behind his eyes began to fade and he slipped into darkness without another clear thought.

Lifting herself off Sirius, Ginny scowled and felt like kicking him. Her body hummed with lust, caught on the edge of an orgasm, and he was unconscious again. Taking a deep breath of the drugged smoke, she felt herself begin to relax, and rolled onto her back, legs spread. Her fingers found her clit, rubbing it roughly and smearing his emissions over her heated flesh, making her slippery and bringing her closer to release. But, she couldn't come.

Growling in frustration, she scrambled over Sirius' prone body and reached in the night stand drawer for her wand. Laying back down, she whispered a spell and the smoke thickened and swirled between her legs. She watched, rapt, as a section of it parted her labia and slid inside her, stiffening like a long, hard cock. It began to fuck her, tendrils dancing over her clit, and she arched her back and gasped. Her orgasm left her shuddering and breathless, and as the smoke began to dissipate, she slid into a peaceful sleep.

Ginny was awakened by rough hands grabbing her hips, lifting her and forcing her head down to the pillow. Before she could squirm away, a hard cock was thrust into her from behind and a bony pelvis slapped against her bottom. She moaned and wriggled and the hands jerked her back, fucking her on the cock, which quickly spurred her desire and made her wet. One hand twisted in her hair and jerked her head up. As weight settled over her back, a mouth found her throat and teeth bit.

"Bitch," Sirius hissed. "You drugged me...again!"

"Shut up and fuck me," she replied flippantly, eyes closed, a dreamy look on her face as her clit began to ache for his touch.

"Corrupt evil little whore," he gasped out, punctuating each word with a hard thrust that sent the bed rocking.

Ginny grunted and thrust her hips back to meet him. "Perverted old man." As he just fucked her faster, growling and grabbing at her, leaving bruises on her pale skin that left her tingling and even hotter, she grinned. If he hated this so much, he would just leave when he woke up.

But, he never did. He always gave her a goodbye fuck and swore it would be their last.

And, then, a few days would pass and she'd send him a note, needing to see him, swearing it was an innocent request, and he came every time. Eventually his body would adjust to the drugs as hers had long ago, but she'd cross that bridge when they came to it. There were always dark spells to bind him to her as the drugs did now.

Sirius would be hers forever. She'd sworn this as a girl, and kept the promise the first time she'd seduced him at barely seventeen. His tears as he'd begged her forgiveness had only made her want him more and they'd been playing this game for over a year now.

Ginny believed that Sirius secretly wanted her and would be a willing lover without the drugs or chains or spells, but the innate nobility inside him wouldn't let him take that step. It didn't bother her all that much.

He was right. She was a corrupt evil little whore.

Tom had seen to that.

She climaxed with a stifled scream of pleasure as Sirius pounded into her grunting her name over and over again.


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