by Lara Wilson

The boy was so tight--obviously never been breached. Listening to his whimpers of pain-- barely audible as he bit back deeper cries--Slade pushed harder, forcing the muscles to open, forcing the kid to accept.

On his knees, his cheek pressed to the dirty floor, surrounded by the bodies of his teammates, he was a beautiful sight.

Slade sighed in pleasure as his groin pressed to the curved, trembling ass, and stilled for a moment, catching his own breath as the kid let out a muffled sob.

Then he fucked Dick Grayson--his payment on the HIVE contract--until the kid screamed in pain and fear, and Slade shuddered in release, draped over the boy's arched back.

The first fuck of many that would never make amends for Grant's death, but it was a very pleasureful start.

His only regret, as spasming muscles squeezed his cock, was that this delightful tightness would quickly disappear.


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