Passion Cannot Rule Him

by Lara Wilson

Love was his downfall. Love for his children, for his wife, for the man straining beneath him.

His vaunted control shot, Slade lavished kisses along Dick's shoulders, one hand on his hip, lifting him for his thrusts, the other wrapped around his cock, pulling on it with the twist on the end that made Dick groan and tighten his muscles and drive him crazy.

Love was his downfall, but passion was his curse. He'd wanted Dick for years, until that want and desire had become a burning need. He'd hoped that having the kid would end it, but that first time had only deepened his feelings, made the passion nearly pain. The need had built with each encounter, inevitably ending in a bedroom or against a grimy brick wall.

Despite the anger between them, all the deaths and destruction, Slade loved and desired and was lost in those gorgeous sapphire eyes.

And he couldn't afford to be lost anymore.

His orgasm came swiftly, burning through his veins and leaving him shuddering. His eye opening, he placed a soft kiss at the nape of Dick's neck, watching the rippling muscles of his back, the gorgeous, scarred skin, his flaws, his need making him more beautiful. Squeezing the tip of his cock, he listened to the younger man's pleasure as he came, spilling over his hand.

With the deepest regret he'd ever felt, Slade replaced his lips with a knife and drove it into Dick's brainstem.


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