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Welcome to the home of my stories from fandoms that don't yet merit their own sites.

All I Want Is To Be Like You: PG14, Draco (HP)
All Draco wants is for his father to respect him. Based on a lyrics challenge.

As Constant As The Northern Star: PG13, Sark/Sydney (Alias)
Holiday ficlet for sarkastic who wanted Sydney/Sark at Christmas with a happy ending, burned out Christmas lights, "As constant as the northern star", and Sark saying something is "remarkable, really."

At The Tip Of Her Fingers: PG, River (Firefly)
A short ficlet where River examines what's in her own mind.

Bagels and Roses: PG, Lilly/Logan, Veronica/Duncan (Veronica Mars)
Set pre-series, the four wake up on New Years morning a bit hung over and have breakfast in front of the televised parade.

Best Friends: PG14, Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), but really not
A first kiss ficlet with Hermione planning every bit of her first kiss with Harry, but why?

Bonds: NC17, Guy/Marion (BBC Robin Hood), mild bondage
AU with my belief that Guy and Marion's betrothal constituted a legal marriage. Marion doesn't particularly enjoy her husband in bed until one night they're both a bit angry.

A Blue Christmas: PG, Sawyer, Ana Lucia (Lost)
Holiday ficlet for seeksadventure who wanted Sawyer or Ana Lucia or Eko at Christmas.

Castles Out of Air PG14, Narcissa/Lucius (Harry Potter)
Not in my HP series, Narcissa does what she has to to survive her marriage to Lucius.

The Choices We Make: PG13, Narcissa/Severus (HP)
Narcissa has regrets and fears like any woman; written for the matrithon, prompt: Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves--regret for the past and fear of the future.

Comfort: G, (HP)
Dumbledore gets a present.

Contrasts: PG14, Veronica/Duncan, Lilly/Logan (Veronica Mars)
Veronica and Duncan's sweet and innocent love is very different from the relationship Lilly has with Logan. Which one is real? A backup fic for the No L/V Veronica Mars Ficathon for punkypower414 who wanted well just about anything, anytime and any pairing which made this easy. :)

A Craving For Burritos: PG14, Mac/Weevil (Veronica Mars)
Written for the VM Unconventional Pairing Ficathon for apestaartje who wanted Weevil/Mac, a bit of snark, a mention of Beaver and Lilly and no Aaron (I mentioned him briefly in the snark). One month has passed since graduation and Mac is still struggling with the revelations about Cassidy, and Weevil's just gotten out on bail...

Created Equal: PG13, Copper, Morehouse, gen
Written for Yuletide 2012 for the Copper fandom. Two men meet at the formation of a Union Army regiment and, through battles and moments of peace, an unlikely friendship forms.

Dance With Me: PG14, Kara/Lee (BSG)
Holiday ficlet for bailunrui who wanted Kara/Lee on New Year's Eve with the song lyrics from Richard Ashcroft's Science of Silence.

Doomed: R, Emma Frost (X-Men)
My first ever X-Men fic though I've been writing in the fandom for twenty-five years. Set in Astonishing X-Men (by Joss) Emma's dreams are nightmares as she lives one lie after another, dooming herself.

Duets: PG13, multi-pairings (Stargate Universe)
Friendships form. Sometimes unlikely. Sometimes out of necessity. Sometimes very simply. On a ship like Destiny, everyone needs some one to make the days and nights a little easier. Set after the Lucian Alliance's arrival and my 2010 Yuletide entry.

Edmund Blackadder's Views On The Harlots OF HSU: PG13
Set in my RPG, HSU, so, unless you're like the one person reading those thousands of fics (outside of the Hos, Wos and Wench), probably should just skip this as it'll make no sense.

Failure: R, Lauren/Vaughn (Alias)
Written for medie for the Lauren Reed ficathon. Medie asked for Lauren/Vaughn (among several other options), shippy, slash to gen, G to NC17, and no sign of Sydney/Vaughn. Lauren can't sleep. It's her wedding night and she discovers that this is harder than she thought.

The Frozen Serpent: PG14, Snape, Hermione (HP)
Hermione and Severus are the only survivors of the war, hiding out together and trying to survive.

A Happier New Year: PG14, Sirius/Hermione (HP)
Set in the future during the war, Hermione is looking after an alive but damaged Sirius at Grimmauld Place and it's New Year's Eve. Written for catlove.

Haunted By A Dream: light NC17, Lilly/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
All Veronica has left of Lilly are dreams and memories and the faintest of touches and kisses. his is kind of messy and jumps all over the place. It's one big rambling dream/flashback sequence of Veronica and Lilly's friendship (and more than friendship). As stated, I started this before we learned the possibility that they might share the same father. I think they do, but then I also take it one extreme step further and think Lilly is actually the daughter of Veronica's mom (whose name is escaping me) because they actually look alike. I know, I'm weird.

Ho, Ho, Ho: PG14, Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
Holiday ficlet for sarah_p who wanted Veronica/Logan, a happy ending, a mention of Logan saving Veronica, and the word "sugarpuss".

If You Go Into The Woods: NC17, Emma/Graham (OUAT)
Written for the early Fall 2012 Once Upon A Time minibang. After Graham's death, Emma begins having dreams of him dressed in leathers and stalking her through unfamiliar forests. The dreams become more and more seductive and Emma begins sleeping more and more until she finally begins to wonder just what is a dream and what is reality.

The Law Of Tradition: R, Guy/Marion (BBC Robin Hood)
AU with my belief that Guy and Marion's betrothal constituted a legal marriage. After her father's death, Guy comes to claim her.

Let's Consider The Mistletoe: R, Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
Holiday ficlet for Amy who wanted Veronica/Logan, reconcillation, tinsel and mistletoe at Christmas.

Life Goes On: PG, Obi-Wan (SW)
Post Revenge of the Sith, a bit different future for Obi-Wan, and that certain scene in TPM just didn't happen. It's New Years and Qui-Gon encourages his former apprentice to celebrate.

Liking: R, Hermione/Draco (HP)
A back-up fic for Inell's Secret Santa challenge. I wrote for Elwyn Celtic who wanted Draco/Hermione, Hermione getting pregnant, Narcissa secretly helping them to get together, angst, and Draco breaking down and crying, but a happy ending. The war is over and Hermione and Draco have been meeting secretly.

Living in the Moment: PG14, Severus/Narcissa
A brief fic in the Harry Potter fandom (but not my universe) in a world in which Severus and Narcissa are lovers.

The Longest Night: PG, Pendergast/Corrie Swanson (Agent Pendergast Series)
Yuletide Fic. On the shortest day of the year, Special Agent Pendergast visits Corrie Swanson and takes her to dinner. That day, each year, is the best day of her life but this year is special for several reasons.

Looking At The Sky: PG, Kaylee/Simon (Firefly)
My Simon Tam ficathon response for voleuse who wanted any rating, any setting, Simon/Kaylee (shippy), a mention of Simon's past, and no graphic violence of non- con. It's set after the series ended, and they go on a date.

A Marriage Of Custom PG for now, Guy/Marion (BBC Robin Hood)
AU from 2.1. The one thing that didn't burn up was the betrothal contract and Guy will hold Marion to it. A WIP.

Master of Lies PG14, Snape (HP)
Based on a lyrics challenge, Severus lies with the best of them.

A Midwinter's Night Dream: PG14, Veronica/Weevil (Veronica Mars)
Set middle of Season 1, Veronica's out for a walk, runs into Weevil, they get to talking, he asks her out. Your basic first date fic. Written for the Veronica Mars Summer Ficathon for Mala who wanted Veronica/Weevil with a side of Lilly's ghost, an appearance by Keith or Backup (she got both), Weevil gets some new ink, a kiss, no mention of Veronica/Logan, nobody dies, and Weevil doesn't call her Ronnie.

New Beginnings?: NC17, Kara/Lee (BSG)
Holiday ficlet for rabid1st who wanted Kara/Lee at the Solstice, Kara shows her new office off to Lee and NC17 stuff happens on the desk.

New Things: PG, Rogue/Magneto (X-Men Comics)
Set during their time in the Savage Land, Rogue's powerless, it's New Years, Magnus is gorgeous...

The Night Belongs To Lovers: NC17, Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
My response to the Cheesy Love Song ficathon (I got the song in the title), a rather angsty piece set during Season 2 in which Veronica and Logan just can't stay away from each other.

Old Photographs: PG, Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
While cleaning out her closet, Veronica finds a box of old photos and shares them with her boyfriend.

Our First Home: PG14, Hermione/Draco (HP)
Set in the future after the war, Hermione and her lover celebrate their first Christmas together. For Inell

An Outlet: NC17, Derek Reese/OFC (SCC)
Sometimes Derek just needs release and it's easier to find it in the mindless act of sex with a stranger than attempt any connection.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: PG14, Sydney/Sark
Written for chaton_espion for the Sarkney ficathon hosted by sarkastic, who asked for a meeting in Greece, Sark being tied up, blood; didn't want Rambaldi, any Spike-isms, any twu wuv fluff. Set after Alias 2.17, before 2.18, Sydney takes a few days personal time to deal with all that's happened, and runs into Sark.

The Perfect Gift PG, Grace/Luke, Joan/Adam (JoA)
Grace is new to Christmas and has no idea what to get her boyfriend. Written for Amy.

Perverted Innocence: NC17, Ginny/Sirius (HP)
Corrupted at a young age, Ginny takes out her desires on a drugged Sirius.

Pretending NC17, m/f pairing (Veronica Mars)
Two people have sex against a wall...really...that's about it.

Pride: PG, Hotdog (BSG)
Kind of AU, a response to a minor characters in Battlestar Galactica ficathon, a little tale about Hotdog, who he was and is.

Prize: Version One: NC17, Lucius/Hermione, Non-con (HP)
Lucius is given Hermione as a prize to break.

Prize: Version Two: NC17, Lucius/Harry, Non-con (HP)
Lucius is given Harry as a prize to break.

Repeated Indiscretion: NC17, Hermione/Severus (HP)
Set several years in the future, Hermione makes a sex potion and gets caught by just the person she was hoping for. For rethought.

A Secret Revealed: R, Harry/Draco (HP)
Harry and Draco are having sex and when Lucius finds out, he isn't pleased. There's a squicky subject matter in here.

She Misses Him: PG14, Rogue/Erik (X-Men Comics)
Rogue remembers the days and nights in the Savage Land.

She Wanted This: NC17, Uther/Morganna (Merlin)
She wants this, but she's not sure he does. Written for the prompt "orgasm denial/control".

A Sleeping Lover: PG13, Sawyer/Juliet (Lost)
Sawyer watches Juliet sleep and knows how lucky he is.

A Slow Warming: PG14, Guy/Marion (Robin Hood)
My first Robin Hood fic (current BBC series) set in a nebulous time or AU, Marion awakens on the day after her wedding.

Some Truths...: PG14, Veronica/Logan, mention of Veronica/Duncan (Veronica Mars)
Set between A Trip to the Dentist and the season finale. Veronica finds that ignoring the truth is so much easier than dealing with it.

Survivors: R, Hermione/Severus (HP), off-screen non-con
The war is over and there are only two survivors of the former Order, one on the side of light and the other...a survivor at all costs.

That First Christmas: PG (HP)
Hermione, Ron and Harry celebrate their first Christmas together at Hogwarts. For Carla.

A Thousand Attempts at Goodbye: PG14, Narcissa (HP)
Another response to the Goodbye challenge on multifandom1000. Narcissa has tried to leave Lucius many times. Now, with him in prison, she thinks she can finally get away.

Three Snakes: NC17, Narcissa/Lucius (HP)
Holiday ficlet for genamarie who wanted Narcissa and Lucius and the snake's head cane as a gift suggested by her mother but used for Narcissa's pleasure.

What He Sees In Her Eyes: R, Norrington/Elizabeth (PoTC)
Written as a back-up for the Norrington ficathon, set one year after DMC, a prisoner is turned over to Commodore Norrington and old wounds are revealed.

White Flowers: PG13, Ode To Billy Joe
Written for Yuletide 2011 for the song "Ode To Billy Joe". Told from the Narrator's point of view, she remembers her life with Billie Joe, their love and their losses, as she mourns at the bridge one year later. Set in the late 1950s/early 1960s.

Who Knew Poinsettias Grew So Big?: PG (Lost)
Set during the first Christmas on the island (Lost), only one person remembered it was Christmas Eve, but everyone pitched in to make it special. For elaniangel.

Wife: NC17, Sansa/Tyrion (ASOIAF)
Set in the books, on the wedding night. Written for the porn battle, prompt: anything with this pairing. It's her wedding night and her husband has told her he won't touch her.

Worth: PG, Norrington, Elizabeth (PoTC)
Written for the Norrington ficathon, during the search for Jack, Elizabeth takes a day to herself and runs into an old friend.

A few stories using characters from the movie Plunkett & McLean. This series contains m/m slash and graphic sex.

Making Do: NC17
How did Jamie McLean come to meet Lord Pelham? Here's my version, set in a prison a few years before the movie.

Do Unto Others: NC17
The sequel to "Making Do", in which the sexual relationship between the two men grows.

Oral History:NC17, m/m slash
Another few days have passed and Pelham is ready to try something new with his Plunkett & McLean companion, Jamie.

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