Oral History

by Laure Alexander

My backstory is that Pelham and Jamie had been in jail before--this is a different jail than the one in the movie. The Duke of Newcastle was a Pelham and would have been just the right age to have a son Pelham's age, but he had no children. Well, here he has at least two-- Pelham is not the heir, he's the spare.

Jamie finished his mug of ale and set it aside, then fluffed his straw bed a bit, before settling down for the night.

"Shall I join you," came the soft, cultured voice of his companion.

Jamie shrugged, and Lord Pelham smiled sensuously, turning onto his knees to move over to the other man's pallet. He blew out the candle as he passed it, then lay down on the blanket covered straw.

"Why did you blow out the candle?" Jamie asked, his uncertainty showing in his voice.

"I thought you might prefer to do this in the dark." Pelham's hand came to rest gently on Jamie's thigh. Jamie swallowed hard and felt heat wash over him.

"What are we going to do?" he finally asked, as the lord's fingers danced in circles along his leg.

Pelham smiled in the dark. "Well, *I* am going to unfasten your breeches and give you something hot to slip into."

"What are you talking about, Pelham?" Jamie tried to remain still, but his cock was swelling at the other man's teasing words and fingers.

Brushing one finger over the growing bulge, the lord leaned down and whispered softly. "My mouth."

Jamie's cock throbbed painfully and he groaned, digging his fingers into the blanket on either side of his restless hips. Pelham's fingers flicked open the top button of the other man's breeches, then another and another, until his cock spilled out into his hand.

"Lovely," Pelham murmured, his hand encircling the mushroom shaped head.

Trying to relax, Jamie wondered what it would feel like. Would it be different than a woman? In the end, would it matter?

The touching hadn't.

Pelham's hand slid up and down the hardening shaft, squeezing delicately. Scooting down, he rested his head on Jamie's stomach, smiling as the muscles contracted beneath him. He could almost feel the tension in the air.

Sliding his hand down to Jamie's heavy sac, he fondled the delicate jewels until the other man groaned and arched into his touch. Shifting slightly, the lord nuzzled his nose into the crisp curls at the base of the cock that tapped gently against his cheek.

Early on both men had spent their money on daily warm water and soap and Pelham was glad for the cleanliness they both practiced.

Turning his head, he brushed his lips over Jamie's cock and was rewarded with another deep groan. Emboldened by the obvious pleasure of his partner, Pelham ran his tongue up to the tip, then slid the hardness into his mouth.

"Oh lord..."

He smiled at Jamie's guttural cry, and drew the staff to the edge of his throat, then slid his mouth back up. He repeated the action, using his tongue to flutter along the hot shaft, as his fingers squeezed and teased the other man's testicles.

As lust burst within him, Jamie rolled his head on the makeshift pillow. He had almost forgotten the pleasure of a hot mouth surrounding his cock. It was obvious that Pelham was not a novice. He kept his teeth out of the way and could take the cock to the edge of his throat without gagging. The other man had a very talented tongue, as well.

Lifting one hand from the blanket, Jamie slid his fingers into the dark locks of the man pleasuring him. As he massaged his scalp, Pelham began to hum.

Jamie cried out and bucked his hips upwards, driving his cock into Pelham's mouth and making the lord's cheeks balloon out. Lifting his head, Pelham sucked hard on the tip, tasting the emission oozing from Jamie's sensitive slit. Stiffening his tongue, Pelham lashed it hard along the glans on the underside, making his partner cry out again, a half groan, half plea.

Rising up to his knees, his mouth never leaving the hot, throbbing staff, Pelham reached for Jamie's hand and brought it to the front of his velvet breeches, helping him open them. The lord's cock sprang forth and Jamie clutched at it, pumping it roughly as he lost control.

"Oh, yes," Pelham moaned around the head of the cock in his mouth, then resumed the suction. He pressed his thumb at the sensitive spot behind Jamie's testicles, and felt the other man's hand clench around the weeping tip of his own needy cock. The lord scraped his thumbnail across the patch of flesh and Jamie arched, a deep grunt echoing from him.

Lust raced through the reclining man and he pumped his hand in time with Pelham's sucking, his fingers sliding easily with the natural lubrication. Jamie arched again, pressing his head back into the pillow, his mouth falling open as pants issued forth, his body on the edge.

Beneath his fingers, Pelham felt Jamie's testicles tighten, his muscles clench, and lapped teasingly along the slit. With a cry Jamie climaxed, thrusting his cock into Pelham's mouth again and again, spilling his seed.

Swallowing the salty, bittersweet emission, Pelham pumped his hips, driving his cock into Jamie's fist until his own orgasm erupted. Shaking, both men separated and Pelham slid onto his back, panting harshly. Slowly they slipped their hands off each other's cock, and fastened their breeches.

Relaxed and warm, and not finding it necessary to talk, both men closed their eyes and let sleep wash over them.


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