Not Funny

by Lara Wilson

"I don't get it. How could so much change in just a couple years? I mean...geez...I don't even know where to start."

Devouring his best friend's every twitch, Tim sits across from Kon in an old-fashioned diner in Smallville and fights his inner compulsion to leap across the table and do something really stupid. Instead, he simply 'hmms'.

Kon gives him an exasperated look and hisses, "You're not even Robin. How can you not be Robin."

"You'd have to ask Batman about that." Tim's voice is clipped with tension and anger.

"Yeah, except it's not even Batman.

Tim smirks slightly, then feels guilty about thinking badly about Dick, then remembers how Dick gave the murderous brat his name.

"I'm sorry about that, Tim," Kon says sincerely.

"He's not dead."

"But...Supes, he, um..."

"It wasn't him. Look, I'm dealing. Let's talk about you. Are you really happy here? Back in high school? Living on the farm? You used to hate all that."

"Yeah, well, I grew up, I guess. And it's peaceful here."

"It's just an illusion, you know," Tim mutters, fiddling with a spoon and ignoring his cooling coffee.

"What? Peace? Geez, man, you really have changed. Oh, and why the stupid non-robin birds on your costume if you're going by Red Robin?"

"I didn't design it. It's just convenient for now. You still wearing the t-shirt and jeans?"

"Yeah, it's amazing how blind people are. Same thing with Clark and the glasses versus spit curl, I guess."

"I prefer a mask."

"You're kind of freaky."

Tim smiles at that. It's not a happy smile. "Let's get out of here." He's up and paying before Kon can barely follow him.

If he wonders why Tim leads him into a deserted, dark alley, he doesn't have time to question him before he's shoved against a stuccoed wall and a much taller than he's used to Tim is in his face.

"Don't ever leave me again. Don't ever, Kon."

Kon's unable to mask the worry in his eyes, although he keeps it from his voice as he replies, "sure, Tim. No problem."

Tim nods, slowly brings his breathing under control, steps back, but doesn't let Kon go, his hands remaining on his shoulders.

Tense, a bit freaky, a bit anal. Yeah, that's Tim.

Kon has no clue who this broken, angry man is.


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