No More Hiding

by Lara Wilson

The first time it happened was exactly one month after they'd gone into hiding. The tiny cottage on Exmoor was secluded and surrounded by rocky fields and the occasional stray sheep. The nearest village was a five mile walk and they made that trek only when they were desperate for food or the occasional strange but friendly face.

One month and they were still wary around each other.

Harry still wasn't completely trusting.

And Draco still wasn't completely sure why he'd done what he'd done.

Vengeance for his mother, thwarting the plans of the Dark Lord, rebelling against his ass of a father, those were all good reasons, but he hadn't expected to be handed the Chosen One to guard with his life.

His only thoughts had been 'save Potter, get out of the Deatheaters, say piss off tosser to the Dark Lord, and disappear'.

He really hadn't planned to stick around.

But, Potter had asked him even with hints of distrust and confusion in his eyes, and Draco had agreed.

So, the tiny cottage on Exmoor that housed one narrow bed and a sofa not long enough for either of them, and two nineteen year men.

When Draco thought about it later, it was pretty much inevitable.

He'd been wanking daily in the bathroom and was pretty sure Potter was, too. They didn't dare form even one night attachments to any of the girls in the village or surrounding farms, and the sheep weren't that attractive.

Tensions of all kind were high.

So, really, Potter shouldn't be acting so surprised that Draco was on his knees, hands holding the other man tightly against the wall as his mouth sucked eagerly at the thick cock jutting through the open zipper.

But, he was scrabbling at the wall every time a hand found Draco's head or shoulder, jerking away as if burned, and he was red-faced with both lust and embarrassment. His cock didn't lie, though, just pulsed in Draco's mouth and got even harder and thicker with each hungry suck and lick.


Pausing for a moment, Draco looked up and grinned around the tip of Harry's cock, then resumed his skillful blowjob. When Harry's hands finally settled, one on Draco's shoulder, the fingers of the other threading through his hair, Draco knew he was past the embarrassment, at least momentarily, and as he sucked him to the root and listened to the pants and groans begin, he wondered how soon he'd get Potter to reciprocate.

And if he'd be the first up that muscular ass.

He doubted very long--and was pretty sure he'd be first--because the cottage was just too small for them to avoid discussing this.

There was nowhere to hide and Draco was too horny to let Harry try.


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