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May 18, 2013

For ad astra per aspera:

Haven: R, Cas/Dean, Dean/Alistair rape references (Supernatural)
It's one thing to know what Alastair did to Dean in the distant recesses of his mind, Castiel thinks numbly; it's entirely different to see Dean relive it in his mind over and over, and nobody could blame Cas if he couldn't stop from offering what ever comfort he could give.

Silk Torn Rough Over Gravel: R, mental and physical deprivation, Dean, Castiel (Supernatural)
Cas may think he's God and he may have whisked Dean away to an empty prison cell and he may make food appear sporadically and keep the temperature just on the wrong side of cold and Dean may have nothing to do but slowly go insane but he's not going to break. He's really not. Written for 2012 Dean/Cas Christmas Exchange.

No More Secrets: PG13, Lex/Clark (Smallville)
Lex is determined to find out every little secret is father holds so dearly, but he never expected to find what he did in a derelict warehouse in Gotham City. Written for Clexmas 2012.

For Family Fics:

A House Party In Hell: R, Buffy/Angelus
Written for the 2010? IWRY marathon and a sequel to two other "Hell" fics, both of which can be found on this page with "Hell" in the title. Five years have passed in Hell and Buffy and Angelus throw a party.

A Love Reignited In Hell: PG13, Buffy/Lucifer, Buffy/Angelus
Written for the 2012 IWRY marathon and a direct sequel to A Reckoning In Hell over on my Adult Fic page (which is Buffy/Lucifer), Buffy's been with Lucifer for a year and hasn't seen Angelus in all that time, until he appears at the celebration of The Fall and asks her to dance.

Five Times Spike Was Santa Claus: R, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Drusilla
Five little scenes, set pre, during and post series (and one in AtS) written for my day at Noel of Spike over on LJ in 2012

Time Can Fly But Also Slow: PG13, Spike/Buffy
Written for Seasonal Spuffy 2012, I liked the "time" bit about the "time after time" prompt so I went with something set many, many years in the future as an elderly Buffy and her never aging vampire spend the twilight of her life in peace and happiness.

Looking For A Trigger: PG13, Faith, Angel
Written for Winter of Faith 2013, and set before the Angel & Faith comic book (which I really, really like) so, if you haven't read that or the end of Buffy Season 8, basically Angel and Buffy screwed up the world and he's catatonic after doing that and killing Giles, and Faith is taking care of him in the house she inherited from Giles.

For Adult Fics:

A Reckoning In Hell: NC17, Buffy/Lucifer
Forty years have passed in Hell and Buffy continues to try to escape. For most of those years her doing so has amused Lucifer, but he once promised her that he would grow tired of her attempts. That time has come. He also promised her that she would grace his bed. Buffy calls it rape, but Lucifer is the Great Seducer and she's helpless to resist. To his surprise, he doesn't grow bored. What will he ask of her? And what about Angelus? The rest of the series is on the Family Fic Page (so far). My Lucifer and Hell are heavily influenced by Gaiman and Carey.

For Unexpected Attraction:

Two Batgirls In A Coffee Shop: PG13, Babs, Steph (Pre DCNU)
Written for Yuletide 2012. Eight a.m. trig tests suck. Steph needs lots of caffeine and Babs wants to mull over the night's reports while pretending to have office hours. Somehow cute men become a topic of conversation as scones are had, Bruce is mourned, and a pre-teen Robin gets what he deserves.

And Baby Makes Four: PG13, Steph/Kara/Cassie (Pre DCNU)
Written for My Three Ships 2013, my recipient requested these three and having a baby.

For Other Fic:

White Flowers: PG13, Ode To Billy Joe
Written for Yuletide 2011 for the song "Ode To Billy Joe". Told from the Narrator's point of view, she remembers her life with Billie Joe, their love and their losses, as she mourns at the bridge one year later. Set in the late 1950s/early 1960s.

Created Equal: PG13, Copper, Morehouse, gen
Written for Yuletide 2012 for the Copper fandom. Two men meet at the formation of a Union Army regiment and, through battles and moments of peace, an unlikely friendship forms.

If You Go Into The Woods: NC17, Emma/Graham (OUAT)
Written for the early Fall 2012 Once Upon A Time minibang. After Graham's death, Emma begins having dreams of him dressed in leathers and stalking her through unfamiliar forests. The dreams become more and more seductive and Emma begins sleeping more and more until she finally begins to wonder just what is a dream and what is reality.

For Wolf Tales:

Triumvirate:, NC17, Peter/Stiles, Lydia/Stiles, dubcon, forced mating (Teen Wolf)
What if during the beginning of episode 1.12, Peter made a persuasive enough argument that Stiles accepted the bite? And what if Peter's biting him on the wrist had a much greater meaning? None of it matters since Peter dies, right? Stiles is a strong wolf. Lydia's paying particular, if weird, attention to him, and then Peter comes back to life and comes to claim his mate. But, since this is Stiles, nothing goes quite to plan because Peter left something behind in Lydia and Stiles' wolf really wants to make its mate happy, and then there's the Kanima and psycho grandpa and creepy Matt and keeping all of this from his dad...My version of Season 2.

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