Gotham Never Sleeps

by Lara Wilson

Two in the morning in Gotham was a busy time. The bars had just closed, the midnight movie let out, and the stragglers of the night were finally headed home.

Perfect time for muggings, car-jackings, and attempted rapes.

Hearing the unmistakable sounds of an attack from the alley behind Casey's Bar, Robin swung over the side of the building onto the fire escape, then slithered down the cool metal to drop to the ground.

A woman lay on the dirty ground crying. Two men were rifling through her purse, tossing aside anything not of value to them. Robin watched a strip of film from a photo booth flutter to the ground to be trampled beneath shuffling feet, and his eyes narrowed.

To the robbers, their victim was just as valueless, and when one of them raised his foot to kick her, Robin attacked.

The fight was brutal yet contained, and over in under a minute. As he used zip-strips to tie the two unconscious men together in a pile of odoriferous garbage, the woman struggled to her feet, thanking him as she gathered her purse and the strewn contents.

Raised with manners, Robin said 'you're welcome' and gave her a gentle warning about walking the alleys of Gotham alone at two in the morning, then saw her safely to a cab before swinging onto the next rooftop.

A scream rang out from a block away and he took off running.

Yes, it was always busy at this time of night.


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