Never Leave

by Lara Wilson

Title: Never Leave

What I want to tell you
Is that time would be sad
Oh, if you were to leave
For more than a few hours
It's because you love me
That I live and exist
Because you love me
That I'm not afraid

"Everywhere I see You"


Roy carefully shifted the fallen beam off of Dick's leg and winced at the unnatural twist to the limb and the blood. Too much blood.

His own head pounding, his eyes blurry from a probable concussion, he dug into his belt pouches for bandages and antiseptic. He could straighten the lower leg later, the bleeding had to stop now.

Carefully peeling away shreds of armor and costume, he exposed the bloody wound and sprayed the antiseptic on it.

Dick screamed and only Roy's tight grip on his thigh kept the leg still. A glance up showed that the other man was conscious again--pasty and sick looking, lips drawn tight, eyes hidden by the mask but Roy knew they had to be full of pain.

Focusing back on the wound, he dressed it as quickly as he could, tying a tourniquet under the knee to slow the bleeding and silently prayed someone would find them in the basement of this collapsed building. If they got here soon enough he wouldn't have to try to set the bone.

Causing Dick pain wasn't something he wanted to do.

They'd caused each other enough pain over the years.

"How...bad?" Dick gasped out.

Crawling up to his head, Roy carefully lifted it onto his lap and brushed sweaty black hair from his brow. His skin was hot. Fever. Damn, how long had he been out? "Not bad. You'll be up and jumping off of buildings in no time."

"...Liar." Dick coughed and Roy reached for his hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

"The rest of the team will find us or Batman will sic Superman on the search. You just rest."

"Artery hit?"

"No." Roy wasn't sure, actually, and that worried him. Looking down he saw Dick looking up at him, and reached down to peel off the mask loosened by the dust and his own sweat. Dick's eyes were cloudy with pain yet so intense.

"You're leaving the team."

"Where'd that come from?" Roy asked, truly baffled.

"I can read you. I've seen the signs over the last week. You're..." cough "Leaving us. Me."

Roy tried to keep it light. "I never leave, shortpants."

"...I always do." Dick grimaced and looked away, but Roy caught his chin, turning him back. "I know you love me and I push you away all the time."

"Yeah, you do, but I'm stubborn and I stick." Roy sighed and ran his free hand over his head, wincing at the pain from the growing bump. "I'm not leaving you, Dick. You're more than just the team."

" are leaving the team?"

He sighed. "Yeah. I just...can't do it anymore. My baby needs me. She's screwed up because of me, Dick. I gotta be there for her full time." He glanced back down into those brilliant blue eyes. "You could come with me."

Dick tried to shake his head and went even more pale at the pain. "I'm not sure...I am more than the team. Without it....I've always had a purpose, a path. When I don't, things go really bad. I have to have a path."

"...And that path never leads to me." There was sorrow in Roy's voice, but also acceptance. This was their reality and he'd lived with it since they were kids. Dick loved him but needed the war. Roy loved him and needed only him and Lian. 'It's okay, Dick. I'm always there when you take a detour. I always will be."

"Yeah...I know. It's what keeps me going." Dick's voice began to drift and Roy watched his eyes close.

"You stay with me, dammit!"

"Never let go," Dick whispered and tightened his fingers around Roy's.


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