Mind Blowing

by Lara Wilson

Biting his lip, one hand braced on the mattress, one around the base of his cock, he pushed deeper into the tight, hot hole. Eyes narrowing, he listened to the groans of pleasure from the man beneath him, watched the muscles of his back ripple, and pulled back to push deeper, harder and faster.

His lover bit off a curse, head hanging down between shaking arms, and pressed back.

Fully seated, he took both hips in his hands and rocked forward, making both of them moan.

Leaning over that gorgeous back, he licked a bead of sweat running down the other man's neck and whispered, "So sexy." He thrust again, eyes crossing as the muscles squeezed around his cock, a strangled sound of pleasure bursting from him.

He raised up, fucked him harder, slapping his pelvis against that perfect ass.


He couldn't help the smirk, slid one hand around and jacked the hard cock bouncing off rock- hard abs. "I like it when you call me that."


Laughing, he squeezed the cock, slid his hand up to the slippery tip, jerked it harder as his hips moved faster. Under the onslaught of pleasure his lover couldn't hold himself up and fell forward onto his elbows, face turned on the pillow, a look of bliss on his flushed face.

He leaned forward again, changing the angle, his hand never stopping, kissing along the undulating spine, and was rewarded with a moaning grunt and the spill of wetness over his fingers.

Lifting those fingers to his mouth he sucked, watching the eyes open to watch him, and his hips stuttered and he stiffened and came in hard bursts that turned the world white.

Groaning, he slumped forward, hands shaking as the pleasure was wrung from him with his release, until finally he pulled free and slid down next to the other man. Lips met in a tired, sated kiss and they rolled out of the sticky mess on the bed.

"You're getting really good at this," Dick yawned, running his fingers through his hair.

"Good teacher," Tim mumbled, pressing himself against Dick's chest, eyes closing.

"You've been reading again. I never taught you to lick your fingers clean."

"Internet porn."

Chuckling at Tim's blown mind, Dick cuddled him close and reached over to turn off the lamp.


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