Making It Legal

by Lara Wilson

Breaking the kiss with a shaky laugh, Kon asked the question that had been weighing on him since Robin had pinned Superboy to the door of his room and attacked his mouth with a very well-versed one. "Um...not that I'm complaining or anything, but why are we doing this here and not at the Tower where, y'know, privacy?"

Tim gave Kon the 'look' that made him squirm every time. Since he was currently pinned beneath the very limber Robin, that sent warm feelings through both of them. "That you equate the Tower with privacy baffles me."

"That you dragged us to Kansas baffles me," Kon retorted, then moaned as Tim went back to kissing him so deeply his brain short-circuited for a while.

When Tim finally broke the kiss, both boys were shirtless, flushed, and breathing hard. "At this time of day, Mr. Kent is on his tractor and Mrs. Kent is doing her grocery shopping at the end of which she has coffee with a couple of friends at one of the local diners. We have a window of forty-five minutes."

Kon stared up at him. "Huh?"

Rolling his eyes, Tim rose to his feet and started to shuck his boots and tights. "As this is my first time, I'm confident forty-five minutes is adequate."

Snorting, Kon sat up to wriggle out of the rest of his own clothes. "Have I mentioned that you're a freak?" The laughter in his voice cancelled any harshness in the comment.

"Not today." There was a little smirk on the youngest Bat's face that really turned on Kon. Not that he needed any help in that direction. He'd been hard from the first kiss back at the Tower. The sight of Tim's lithe, muscular body was just adding to the throb in his groin. Using his telekinesis he tossed his clothes aside and dragged Tim back down on top of him for another kiss.

As their bodies, both nude and perspiring in the heat of a Kansas autumn, rubbed together, they both gasped into the kiss and let their hands explore.

Kon rolled them, settling between Tim's legs and grinned down at him. "So, who gets to be on top?" He wiggled both his eyebrows and his hips, then, at Tim's pointed look, sighed and flipped onto his back, grousing, "You Bat Boys always have to be in charge, don't you."

Tim let himself grin as he pushed Kon's legs apart and knelt between them. "That can't be a surprise." As he lifted one of Kon's legs and undulated their pelvises together, he reached for his utility belt.

"Oh, good, because I don't usually keep supplies in the hay loft." Kon was still being bitchy and Tim slapped the crease between thigh and groin, then bent and placed a soft kiss there. "Fuck!"

"In a minute." His lips trailed from that soft spot over the dark, wiry curls to brush along the hard shaft, and finally, as Kon squirmed and groaned and babbled, over the tip, his tongue tasting and exploring him. All the while he was doing that, he was putting on a condom and adding plenty of lube. When Tim was done preparing himself, he rolled Kon's hips higher and slipped a slick finger into him.

"Are you sure you haven't done this?" Kon panted, grabbing behind his knees and arching his back to lift his hips higher.

Tim smiled up from his licking and kissing. "I'm well-read." He added a second finger, stretching them apart. "What about you?" he asked conversationally.

"Not a virgin."

"With a guy?" A third finger made Kon buck wildly and Tim wrapped his free hand around the base of his shaft to prevent ejaculation.

"Not...a virgin." Wild eyes met amazingly calm if dark blue ones, and he panted and shook. "Can't...think...later...tell later. Fuck me!"

"Bossy." Leaning forward, Tim kissed Kon again, the kiss hotter and hungrier than before. He pulled his fingers out and positioned his hips and then groaned into Kon's mouth as he pushed forward. Propping himself on one hand, he broke the kiss and stared down at his lover's face, his other hand beginning to pump in time with his hips.


Later--but not forty-five minutes later--Kon got his breath back under control and found himself idly stroking his fingers through Tim's sweaty hair as the other boy lay curled against him with his head on his chest. The question he'd asked before came back to him now that his brain wasn't as lust-addled. "So, we're here in Kansas again why? You telling me that your room, of all places at the Tower, isn't secure?"

"Not saying that. It's just in California."


Tim turned his head, pillowing his chin on Kon's breastbone. "I didn't want to do this in some strange place so it was either here or in Gotham and if we'd gone to Gotham Batman would know and while I don't have a problem with that, he already doesn't approve of you very much."

Since Kon knew that Batman didn't like him and really wouldn't like him if and when he found out about this, that didn't hurt him, but he was still puzzled. "But here there is a chance we'll get caught by Pa or, please god no, Ma. The Tower would have been safest, and, hell, I'm not planning to keep this a secret from our friends anyway, are you?"

"No, but even though San Francisco is liberal, we couldn't do this in California."

"Tim, you're not making any sense."

"I'm sixteen. You're perpetually sixteen." When Kon continued to stare blankly at him, Tim shook his head. "Kon, in California it's illegal for people under eighteen to have sex."

Kon continued to stare until he burst out laughing. "You're a vigilante with actual warrants out on you in your home town and you're worried about that?"

"I don't break the law when I can avoid it," Tim replied with a completely straight face.

"You really are a freak!"

Grinning and finally joining in the laughter that burbled out of Kon almost constantly, Tim crawled up the hard body beneath him and kissed him again. "Yeah, but you like that about me."

Kon glanced at Tim's watch conveniently placed on a bale of hay and saw they had fifteen minutes left...


Yes, I know there are issues over whether nor not homosexual sex is legal in Kansas but...just go with it! lolol

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