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Saber Shadowkitten
The prolific Saber Shadowcat's fanfic. Lots of Buffy/Spike, Willow/Angel, Angel/Spike, and Spike/Xander.

Scary Visual Place
Samantha McCullah's fanfic

Seersha's Fanfiction

Sexier Side of Buffy
Lots of adult fanfic.

Simply Darla and Angel

Slashing the Angel
Kita's fanfic

Slayer's Fanfic Archive
One of the oldest and largest Buffy archives on the Net. A home for fics of all ratings and genres.

Slayers Haven
A site portal for some wonderful Buffy and Angel sites

SlayMeXand's World of the Slayer
Lots of fanfic, pictures, news etc.

Social Enemies

Something Blue
Buffy and Angel together forever

Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links URL
Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links

A Soul's Redemption

Spanking Spike
Fanfic of a intimate nature with Spike's behind

The Spike and Drusilla Fanfiction Archive

Spike Girls
Be a Spike Girl like me, Poodle Spike! Lots of Spike fanfic, too.

Spike Torture Slash

An Angel/Cordy site

Starcrossed Stories
Fanfiction by Starcrossed

Still Remains
Leigh-Anne's site portal and MP3s

Sunnyhell Haven
Lisa Drexel's wonderful site of mostly Buffy/Spike fic and lots of other tidbits.

Surnia's Aerie
Lots of Giles fic.

Syrenslure Fan Fiction

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