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Obsidian Moonlight
Kereia's wonderful Buffy/Spike fanfic and lots more

Of Muses and Minions
Spikelicious' and Larissa's Spike/Buffy fanfic

One Happy Family

One Hell of a Love

Organized Insanity

Our Own Destiny
Rebecca's Buffy and Roswell site

Oz Missing in Action
OzMIA: Home of all things Oz, especially Oz/Willow.

Path Less Traveled
Ciderbreak's Willow/Angel fanfic.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Spike
Not fanfic per se, but hilarious.

The Place Where Forbidden Love Dwells
Willow/Angel fanfic.

Poisonous Love
Buffy and Spike

Faith and Angel

Promised and Chosen
Heavily under construction, but the notes are hilarious. Will someday be a Buffy/Doyle site.

Tinkerbell's Fanfic
Tinkerbell's Fanfic

Railroad Spikes and Sunrises

The Realms of Darkness
Home of Noctiluca's and Luna's Sites, loads of Spike.

Refuge from Darkness
A Buffy and Angel forever site

The Road Not Taken

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