Fanfic Links F-K

Fallen Grace
A site about Faith

Fanfiction by Nmissi
Wonderful and complex Buffy/Spike stories

For Spikes Sake

For This Reason
A small, but growing archive of Buffy fanfic and artwork by Nynaeve

Forbidden Fruit
Cordy and Lindsey Fanfic

Forever Love
A very nice archive of fanfic, links, challenges, spells and much more.

From Slayer to Killer
Mala's Buffy, Roswell, LFN and Highlander fanfic.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Buffy and Angel Fanfic Archive

Gillian Silverlight Spike's Lair
Site of "The Gift" Fanfic and Gillian's Stories

The Hellmouth Chronicles
A very good fanfic site with a variety of 'ships.

He's a Rebel
Jae Kayelle's Giles fic

The Hidden World

A Host of Furious Fancies
Jonquil's Hilarious Fics

I Was a Teenage Writer
AngelG/V's Fanfic

In Dreams
A great Spike site

Infinite Spike Links
Links to hundreds of Spike sites of all kinds, including fanfic.

Interrupted Ouroboros
Wonderful Faith Site

Into Eternity
Into Eternity, a Buffy/Angel site
Don't bother with the official site. Go here for everthing James and Spike.

Jealous Guy
Not fanfic, but a wonderful Spike site

Gunbunny's lovely and imaginative fics, and much, much more.

The Kaleidoscope

Victoria Hayrabedian's excellent stories

Kate's Fanfic for an Angel
All Angel

Kimberly's Buffy Fan Fiction
Currently mostly Kimberly and Chazzman's stories, but ever expanding

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