Like A Lingering Scent

by Lara Wilson

He's moving on. The Amazon War finally over, he and Cassie at last have a few moments alone together and they're making the most of them. She's straddling his lap, her fingers in his hair, her lips on his. The kiss is hot, arousing; her touch amazingly gentle. He's enjoying himself, enjoying her, and he's sure where this is going.

So, why does it feel like he's not moving forward at all?

Even as his hands move beneath her shirt, stroking her back, and she tugs at the clasps of his costume. Even as passion overwhelms them both and they topple back on the bed.

His ever-active mind remains caught in the past--moments in time too painful to be forgotten linger, haunting him.

He kisses Cassie and sees her kissing Kon and then he's the one kissing Kon.

Except the last never happened.


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