A Lazy Saturday Morning

by Lara Wilson

Adoration. That's what she felt every morning that Tim woke her with soft kisses and a cup of hot coffee. Smiling through her yawn, Rose stretched and sat up in their bed, wrapping one hand around the back of Tim's neck to pull him down for a deeper kiss.

Tim settled next to her on the bed, returning the kiss until she broke it and took the cup from him.

As she sipped and sighed at the heavenly taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain freshly ground and filtered through hot spring water, she noted he was still in his boxers and t-shirt. "Nothing on the horizon?"

"Not yet." Turning, he stretched out next to her, back against the headboard, eyes roaming lazily over her barely clad body.

Rose grinned and cuddled against him, relaxed as she only ever was in his presence and in their bed. "Good. We rarely get to be lazy."

"Don't jinx it." He grinned and kissed her nose, then picked up the remote and turned on the television, ignoring the news for Cartoon Network and an old Scooby Doo episode.

Together the old married couple of the Titans settled down to enjoy their Saturday morning.


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