by Lara Wilson

"What? What?"

Roy continued to grin and stroke his fingers along the back of Dick's hand.

"Speedy? I know we just had super amazing sex but somehow I doubt that's why you're grinning like the cat that ate the canary."

"Thanks, Dick, now I have an image of Catwoman and Di in my head."

Both men stilled for a minute, eyes glazing over, before Dick laughed and smacked the shin under his hand. "Anyone ever tell you you're a perv?"

"Shall I count 'em?"

More laughter filled the small room and Roy went back to grinning.

Dick tried to bring himself under control to form a more coherent question. "No, really, what's making you so happy?"

The smile softened and Roy tugged Dick higher up his chest to kiss him. "You're laughing."


"I made you laugh. Do you know how long it's been?" Roy's voice caught in his throat and he rubbed his face against the top of Dick's head.

Dick's fingers laced with Roy's atop his stomach, and his laughter died but his smile, a bit of a sad one, remained. "I'm sorry."

"You've said that. No more, love. It's okay. Just keep laughing for me."

"It's what I was supposed to do."

Roy's smile widened and they shared another kiss. "When you laugh you'll always be my Robin."

"Then I'll try to laugh forever, Roy." Their grip tightened and the next kiss was a promise both men would strive to keep.


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