Kissed By A Rose

by Lara Wilson

A big thank you to Coldfiredragon for letting me steal the idea of the Society winning, killing the vast majority of heroes and taking some as prizes.

Tim woke to pain and stiffness, but he kept still, silently assessing, eyes closed.

Light floral scent.

Soft yellow lighting.

Something soft beneath him--a mattress, bedding.

Throb low in his skull--a neck pinch. Stinging on his cheek, his scalp--lacerations.

The copper taste of dried blood in his throat.

His memories returned all at once but he processed them in a quick, orderly fashion, growing colder and harder with each one.

The last--Dick's murder--nearly broke him but he stayed strong and resolute.

And opened his eyes, trying not to blink against the light he'd seen behind the closed lids. It came from a bedside lamp with a pink shade. A quick sweep of the room showed him girly things--a stuffed cat on the windowseat, a pink feather boa around a mirror above a dressing table scattered with make-up and a flower covered diary-- mixed with ninja posters on the wall and a familiar costume scattered across the thick off-white carpet.

The owner of that costume appeared before him and he quickly sat up, eyes going past her as he felt his pale skin redden. Whatever she was wearing wasn't thick enough.

From the moment Luthor had given him to her to the moment she'd given him the nerve pinch he'd tried very hard not to think about the implications of being a reward.

Rose dressed in a skimpy night thing brought it all to the fore.

When she sat down next to him on the bed, facing him, Tim forced himself not to flinch.

"Tim suits you."

He remained silent, but brought his eyes to her face. There was a hint of nervousness around her lips, in the way her jaw tightened for a moment. He was trained to read people, and she was eager but also nervous.

He wanted to be as far away from her as possible.

Her hand brushing the cut on his cheek made him pull back sharply, eyes widening slightly.

Rose frowned. "You should clean up, tend those cuts. There's a first-aid kit in the bathroom."

Warily Tim slid from the bed, managing not to sway as the pain in his head worsened for a moment, then walked into the bathroom. A glance in the mirror showed him the damage was minimal, but he frowned at his maskless face. While wearing his costume, he felt...naked without it.

Like he was failing Ba...

Tim cursed under his breath and gripped the edge of the counter, head bowed, forcing himself under control. He was alive. The priority was to stay that way and if that meant...

His mind shied away from thoughts of Rose, and he reached for the first-aid kit to tend his wounds. After cleaning up, he stared in the mirror for a long moment, then pushed away from the counter and returned to the bedroom.

Rose had remained on the bed, but at his return stood and turned to face him. "Have you ever done this?"

Tim stared at her, then answered, his voice clipped. "No."

She seemed surprised. "Oh. So, Batman really didn't..."

"It wasn't like that." Eyes narrowing, he glared at her, a sudden burst of hatred filling his gut.

"I really didn't think so either." She took a step towards him and he stood his ground, refusing to fidget, arms at his sides and hands tense but unclenched. "Do you know why I chose you?" Not waiting for an answer, Rose continued, her voice lowering with a hint of sorrow, "Because of Dick, because you're his brother, as close as one at least and I could save you for him."

"So, you did this out of pure altruism."

At his sneer, Rose frowned and snapped, "And because you're hot and I've wanted you since the battle with Raven and now I have you and you have to do anything I want."

Tim let his sneer grow. "I may have to do whatever you want, I may even physically enjoy it, but it will always be against my will."

"I don't care." Invading his personal space, she wrapped a strong hand around the nape of his neck and tugged him towards her. Their lips met--his hard and tight, hers soft and seeking--and her fingers curled into his hair, working through the gel. At first, Tim didn't return the kiss, though he did part his lips and allow her to explore, but Rose pressed against him, barely covered breasts to armor plating, and her moan at the hardness between them made him shiver.

They'd taken his belt, gauntlets and cape from him along with the mask, but the armor remained. He was secure behind it, but Tim knew it would be gone soon enough. Bleak resignation slid over him and when Rose captured one of his hands and brought it to her breast, he cupped its fullness and felt her heat.

"I don't mind taking the lead," she murmured into his mouth before kissing him again as she tugged on the back hooks of his armored bodysuit. "Any booby-traps?"

"No." The only thing that had been rigged was his utility belt and they'd made him disarm it...then had killed Bruce anyway. Tim forced his thoughts away from Bruce, all his losses, and focused on the present and the girl swaying against him, her breast in his hand, the nipple hard beneath his thumb.

He swallowed convulsively and felt the first stirring of desire.

She slid the red bodysuit down his arms then pushed it over his hips. When it slithered to the floor, she urged him out of it. The green undershirt was woven with a light kevlar mesh and when she pressed back against him he could feel her. A gasp broke from him and when she kissed him again, this time he returned it. He could feel himself hardening against the athletic cup--painful but not totally unfamiliar. A brief thought of Stephanie filled his head and he shied away from it, concentrating on the present.

"Touch me again," Rose whispered before nipping the lobe of his ear and speckling kisses along his jaw back to his mouth. He could feel her smile against his cheek as his hand found her breast again.

He'd never gone farther than this and, feeling a moment of trepidation, he squeezed his eyes shut as he squeezed her breast. Rose's gasp filled the air and she squirmed against him, sending bolts of pleasure straight to his groin. Her body temperature had increased and he knew his had as well.

There was no way to stop this.

Bleakly, Tim pulled back from the kiss and looked down at Rose's flushed face and glittering blue eye. When she licked her lips, he nearly groaned, the sight of the tip of her pink tongue arousing him even more. She stepped back a bit and slid her hands down his chest to the fastenings of his shirt to his tights. A few twists and they were free and she pulled the shirt over his head. Tim watched it fall, then waited for her next move.

Lowering her eyes to his chest, Rose lightly scraped her fingernails down the pale skin drawn taut over muscles. He was solidly built with well-defined muscles, but still lithe. When she rubbed the pads of her thumbs over his nipples, he hissed in surprise at how good it felt. Her mouth there, made him want to wrap his fingers in her hair and press her tongue harder against him.

He resisted that impulse.

He would remain as passive as possible, despite the throb of need in his groin and the haze of desire pushing away thought.

Rose lifted her head and slid her hands to his waist. "Undress me."

As he placed his hands on the straps of her gown, Tim noticed they were trembling and he silently cursed until they stilled, then he pulled the straps down her arms. The flimsy material slid easily to the floor and he tried not to look, but his eyes were drawn to her curves, her muscles, skin paler than his own, yet flushed in intriguing places. His mouth went dry and he tried to swallow.

He'd seen naked women before but never in a situation like this, never with her hands playing with the waistband of his tights, sliding inside to tease his skin. As he stared at her breasts, the tips a dark blush of color, standing high and hard and eager, she tugged his tights down to his hips and slipped two fingers into his cup.

Tim jerked uncontrollably and found himself pressing into her touch. He ached with a need he'd only ever assuaged on his own--an exercise strictly for relief and rarely for any real pleasure.

This was so different.

Stepping out of the pool of silk at her feet, Rose took Tim's hand and pulled him the few steps to the bed. As she sank down onto the mattress, her hands tugged his tights further down his legs, her eyes focused on the jock strap and what it contained.

Tim blushed and forced himself not to fidget.

"Take off your boots."

As Rose moved up the bed towards the pillows, Tim sat down, back to her and pulled off his boots and socks, one at a time. His hands were trembling again, but not from fear.

It was need.

He tried to bring himself under control, breathe through the desire pounding through his veins, but his nerves were shot from all that had happened that day and he couldn't concentrate. Slowly he looked over his shoulder and found Rose's attention on the drawer of her night stand. Tim flushed as he watched her pull a package of condoms out of it and place them next to the base of the lamp.

She smiled at him, then gestured to his tights. "Those, too."

Turning away from her, he peeled off the tights and let them fall to the floor. He heard her move and stiffened as she pressed against his back, one hand sliding down over his shoulder to his chest, the other drifting down his side to curve around his hip. Rose's lips settled on his neck, sucking lightly, and he fought desperately from arching into her caresses and the feel of her nipples pressed into the muscles of his back.

"It'll be good, Tim," she whispered, then licked his earlobe, "So good, I promise."

Tim shivered and dug the fingers of one hand into the bedding, holding on as her kisses grew bolder and sent sparks of pleasure through him. When her hand slid around to the front of his jock, he grabbed it, pulling it away, dimly noting that her fingernails were painted pink and the thumb had a rhinestone butterfly glued to it.

Sighing, Rose pulled her hand free and moved away from him. "Come here."

Turning slowly to glare at her, Tim found her reclining on the pillows, legs slightly spread. He quickly looked away but not before he'd caught a glimpse of damp, swollen flesh shrouded by white curls. His disobedient cock throbbed and he bit back a groan of pain. Slowly he slid up the side of the bed towards her, keeping his feet on the floor and his back to her.

The bed bounced slightly and then she was beside him, then on her feet and pushing him back. His head hit the pillows and before he could suffer the humiliation of her lifting his legs onto the bed and positioning him, Tim did it for her, hands again clenching into the bedding as he continued to glare at her.

Rose ignored those glares, turning her attention to his chest, his stomach, the lone piece of clothing left between them. Straddling his thighs, she tugged the jock strap down, then tossed it and the cup to the floor.

Tim fought the sigh of relief and stared past her shoulder, trying to divorce himself from his body's reactions.

When her fingers wrapped around his shaft, those pink nails scraping lightly, he nearly jumped out of his skin, but still didn't look at her, and then any sight he might have had was blocked as she leaned down and kissed him.

He responded.

His hands remained clenched around the bedding beneath him but his lips parted and moved beneath hers, and when she pumped his cock he couldn't restrain his groan of pleasure. It felt too good.

Tim knew that at their core humans were creatures of sensation and emotion, the physical, the animal. He'd known he'd never be able to divorce himself completely from his body, that it would react and respond.

That he'd feel good.

His intellect, all that rationality and reason inside him, wouldn't let him surrender completely, though.

Not yet.

"Touch me," Rose crooned against his lips, then transferred her own to his earlobe, sucking lightly until a tremor went through him. "Touch me, Tim."

His hands obeyed before his mind could stop them, lifting to her back, her hips, feeling a light sheen of perspiration, softness over the steel of muscles, and then curves and a surprising plumpness. He squeezed and she gasped and it was her turn to tremble.

Rose pumped his cock again, keeping it hard, keeping him on edge, and he blindly cupped one of her breasts, thumb rubbing over the hard nipple. Both held on as they kissed again in growing desperation.

Finally, panting, she broke the kiss and reached for the condoms, then rose up above him on her knees. Tim opened his eyes and watched her, remaining silent, trying not to think. The throb of need running through his whole body helped keep his mind at bay, and he simply waited.

He'd known all along there was no way out.

Tearing open one of the foil wrapped packages, Rose efficiently rolled the condom down his cock, making him hiss at the sudden and new pleasure of constriction and latex. He watched as she tossed aside the package then slid higher up his body. Her hand was around him again, angling him, and Tim finally closed his eyes, unable to watch this...violation.

Kissing him again, softer, she lifted the weight of her hips off him before sinking down on him, taking him inside. Tim felt heat surround his cock, friction cause sparks to explode behind his eyes, tightness squeezing.

He gasped, helplessly, and heard her moan in return.

When Rose started to move, rocking back and forth, up and down, hips moving in small circles, he felt everything and could think of nothing. His hips lifted to meet hers and she moaned again, moved faster. Her hands found his shoulders, bracing her body, and a strand of her hair brushed his face.

Tim opened his eyes to see her, face glowing with perspiration, one eye wide and unseeing, teeth clenched and lips bared. For an instance he wondered if he looked the same, then thought was gone again and he could only feel--tension, need, aches and wants. His hands caught her hips, grinding her down on him before he could think to stop himself, and Rose responded by tightening her grip on his shoulders, digging her knees into his hips, and rocking faster.

As the minutes passed, the tension built, and they strived for release and relief, together yet, for Tim, also apart.

Suddenly her hips stuttered, knocking them both out of the rhythm, and she grabbed one of his hands, tugging it between her legs. Feeling himself flush, Tim let her guide him, touching wet curls, hot, swollen flesh, something hard and slippery. Rose's soft cry and sudden shudder told him he was doing it right, but it felt...different, almost weird, but also made his testicles tighten, raising the level of tension in his body higher until it was nearly painful.

Rose yelled louder and slammed down on him, muscles clenching around him. Tim felt the tremors running through her and his own body start to shake. Squeezing shut his eyes, he shut down his mind, and let the pleasure come.

Awareness returned with a start as her fingers brushed his softening cock, removing the condom. Opening his eyes, Tim stared bleakly down at her head as she took care of the task, then watched as she slipped from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

He felt...

He felt nothing...and everything. His body ached but was relaxed and limp. He was damp and sticky with sweat and could taste her strawberry lip gloss on his tongue. The scents surrounding him were partly familiar, partly not.

But, the post-orgasm euphoria was fading quickly, and his thoughts were ordering themselves.

Sitting up, Tim reached for the sheet at his feet, pulling it over himself, resisting the urge to draw his knees to his chin.

He'd had sex.

And it had been good.

Really good.

And he'd hated it.

He'd told her she could make him respond, make him enjoy it, but it would still be against his will, and she had, and it...was.

Bitterness, anger, hatred all began to churn again inside him, and suddenly he missed Dick so much--and Bruce as well, but this was something he could talk to Dick about more than Bruce, and he really needed to talk...

But, that wasn't the Bat way and, to his core, he was a Bat.

The only one left.

Hot tears stung his eyes and he forced them back. He hadn't cried at their deaths, he wouldn't cry for himself.

In this house were two allies and Tim knew the three of them couldn't be the only survivors. Out there, hidden or on the run, had to be other heroes, and Earth had three Green Lanterns--chances were they hadn't all been on the planet during the past day.

He had to hold onto hope.

But, it was so hard.

The light going off in the bathroom drew his attention in that direction and Rose slipped into the room, still nude though obviously freshly showered. Tim looked away and felt the bed depress beside him and regrets filled him--turning Ariana away, not finding time to be with Steph.

This wasn't how his first time should have been.

Rose's lips touched his shoulder, his neck, and he shuddered as she murmured in his ear, "It wasn't so terrible, was it?"


And yes.


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