An Issue of Family

by Lara Wilson

This wasn't part of the plan.

They'd all been so easy to manipulate--find what they wanted most and give it to them or give them to way to obtain it.

But, he'd known from the beginning she'd be more difficult.

Despite remnants of her father and mother that influenced her life, her moral core was pure Bat. To corrupt that would take something more than just simple promises or gifts. He offered those, of course, dangling her desires in front of her, but he waited for her to come to him with what she truly wanted.

When she did, he hadn't felt a moment of regret at giving her the serum. He'd explained it to her- -the benefits she would gain along with the side-effects--and she'd agreed. Lost and confused, cut off from the only family she'd ever truly had, she'd agreed. He needed it to control her and he knew she realized that, but what she wanted drove her to desperation. Her focus had narrowed to the one remaining family member she thought would want her.

He found it rather amusing that he wasn't at all surprised by what she wanted.

Robins were highly addictive, after all.

So, he'd injected her with the serum, eager to see how it would effect someone trained by the legendary Cain, and her responses hadn't disappointed him.

But, one had surprised him.

Feeling Cassandra's hand move lightly over his chest, Slade glanced down at her through the gloom of night, lit only by the crescent moon spilling across the bed they shared. She was asleep but restless, a frown on her face, her eyelids twitching as she dreamed.

This hadn't been part of the plan.

Since he might well live forever, he didn't have any moral problems with it, despite the girl being only a year or two older than his daughter, but he was surprised, and he didn't like being surprised. Cassandra had come to him, seducing him, albeit easily enough, and he was never a man to turn down an opportunity for a few moments of pleasure.

That she'd been a virgin had come as a shock, making him wonder at her motives beyond his own for release and relief.

It took him three nights of her sneaking into his bed to realize she was seeking more than just sexual satisfaction. She was looking in the only place she currently could for a family.

Slade could never, would never, give that to her, but he had to toe the fine line of her madness, so he played along with her and kept her content.

If it was a familiar pattern, he chose not to think about it, or another young girl, used by him, using him, so many years before.


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