And How They Are Different

by Lara Wilson

It's become a challenge to Dick--to coax a noise from his younger brother.

And it's just as much a challenge for Tim to stay silent.

Usually he wins. Dick loses interest or patience and brings Tim off, writhing and bucking, but silent.

Dick always makes noise--he talks, he yells, he moans, he growls, the latter always sending shivers up Tim's spine--but Tim never tries to keep him quiet. He enjoys wringing every sound from the older man. It's a source of his own pleasure.

Not the only one, as Dick is very talented.

Very talented.

Tonight, after a patrol that netted two drug dealers, three ATM robbers, and rescuing a cat from a tree, Tim is on his back in Dick's messy bed, his costume in a heap on the floor, Dick's hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock. His agile tongue is busy as his lips suck and his teeth scrape, and Tim's hands fist into the sheets beneath him and his back arches and he grits his teeth.

He wants to groan, wants to cry out, wants to...but won't. His life, every aspect of it, has to be all about discipline. It's what works for him.

A slick finger pushes into him, driving against his prostate with shocking pleasure, and he almost gasps, then bites it back and squirms.

Dick draws his mouth up to the tip of his cock, then off, and smirks at the younger man. "Moan for me, Tim."

Tim glowers at him, even harder as a second finger pushes past the tight muscles.

"Oh, kiddo, I'm going to fuck you until you scream."

His cock aches at the words, and his muscles clench around the slowly pumping fingers but only his heavy breath escapes his lips.

The fingers draw out of him, only to be replaced by something thicker and longer, wrapped in slippery latex and so very hot. Tim arches his back, wraps his legs around Dick's hips, rubs the tip of his cock against that iron-hard stomach. It feels so damn good to be filled like this. His head thrashes on the pillow until Dick grabs the back of his neck, stilling him for a hungry kiss.

Dick fucks with the casual grace that is bred in his bones. Sensual gliding in and out, rolling of hips, hungry yet loving kisses and random caresses.

Tim is more methodical. Over the four months since Tim's first seduction of Dick, he's learned not only where his brother likes to be touched and licked and bitten, but also when, and as he moves his hips in time with the other man's, he sets out to drive him crazy.

The bite just above Dick's right nipple is the one that always earns him a cry and a shudder. Hands squeezing his ass on a downstroke always makes him lose the rhythm.

And the press of strong fingers against his balls makes him growl and slam his hips forward.

With each victory, Tim silently crows and feels his own pleasure mount. When Dick leans down, propped on one hand, the other reaching for Tim's cock, he knows he's nearly won. He bites back all sound and arches into the strokes, his breath catching in his throat, his hands tightening on Dick's hips, leaving finger-shaped bruises. Dick shudders, thrusts faster, deeper, losing control, and Tim writhes and bucks, managing to hold onto his own.

He watches the pleasure saturate Dick's beautiful eyes, hears him moaning, the sound reverberating through their bones, feels him coming with hard bucks of his hips, and the hand around his cock tightens and pulls.

As release hits hard and fast, leaving him shuddering in his brother's grip, Tim goes blind for a moment.

But, still silent.

Gasping, Dick rolls off him, flopping bonelessly on his back. Slowly Tim sits up and stretches sore muscles, then flicks the other man a grin.

"I win."

Dick swats him across the thigh, grinning lazily. "Brat."

The sting feels as good as every other touch from Dick, and Tim rises to his feet. "I'm going to shower. Order a pizza from that twenty-four hour place."

"And a bossy one at that," Dick calls after him, a laugh in his voice.

They really are different.

And amazingly similar, Dick thinks as he reaches for the phone to order a pizza with their favorite toppings--the ones no one else ever puts together.


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