Homeward Bound

by Lara Wilson

Tam was asleep, curled trustingly against him, one hand resting over his heart.

Tim was awake, staring at the curved ceiling of the Wayne corporate jet as it carried them across the Atlantic. The muffled sound of the engines mingled with the muted music coming from his companion's iPod, docked on the table next to them. Mellow jazz had given way to classic rock.

"Don't stop believin'..."

Closing his eyes for a moment, he felt this heart constrict in his chest, wanted nothing more than to shove Tam's hand off him, move away from her, get away. He didn't want to go back to Gotham, wasn't ready to go back, wasn't ready to face...him.

An image of Dick in the cowl formed behind his closed eyes--so cold, so different. Not the man he loved, the person who should be sharing this bed. Not the smiling, flying, dancing brother of his heart.


So much lay between them. Arguments and harsh words, anger and frustration. Had it all destroyed the love?

Tim wanted to believe that Dick would forgive him, that he could forgive Dick, but he simply didn't know. He wasn't ready to go home, wouldn't be doing so if R'as wasn't threatening Gotham and the Wayne family. He was torn and confused and he hated feeling like that, so he'd turned to Tam for mindless comfort and that had been wrong.

Another betrayal.

There were so many between them, could they ever forgive?

"Don't stop believin'..."

He was trying, but it was so hard.

And he wasn't ready.

Desperate to shut down his thoughts, his fears, Tim turned to Tam and woke her with a hungry kiss.

Forgiveness seemed even farther away.


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