He'll Live With It

by Lara Wilson

They say to win all you have to do is pass through the enemy's gate, but this isn't a novel or a video-game. This is reality, and he's passed through the enemy's gate, into the enemy's camp and life and, now...maybe...his confidence.

After months of training, of fighting alongside him, of breaking every vow he ever made and taking a life and then another, this is how he'll finally be trusted.

This is how he'll finally end the plague on his house.

As the fingers spread inside him, Tim bites back a moan of pain, squeezing his eyes shut and digging his fingers into the pillow beneath his sweaty cheek.

When a latex-wrapped, lubricated cock replaces the fingers, Tim bites his cheek to keep from crying out, and forces his hips back, accepting the killer fucking him.

As the thrusts begin, Tim responds because anything less won't convince him, and he pulls on his cock, desperately imagining another hand there, until arousal takes over and he can lose himself in blind, empty pleasure.

This is how he'll finally win this battle and destroy this monster.

After years of fighting him, Tim will bring him down and end him, and if he'll never be forgiven by his family and friends, he'll live with it because this has to be done.

They say to end a life is hard--should be hard--but this one deserves death for all he's done. He's in the enemy's bed to put himself close enough to kill him. After he's done fucking him, after, when he's relaxed, and finally no longer wary, he'll kill him.

Slade Wilson will finally be out of Dick's life and, if Tim has to be as well, he'll live with it.


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