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All He Could Do Was Break: PG13, Tim (Bat Books/Teen Titans) Finished June 27, 2007
Someone broke and someone else deals with it...sort of...

All That Is Left: PG, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished April 12, 2007
Slade stands at a grave that shouldn't be there. Set after Joey leaves him and he's ha ha sane again

All The Colors Of The Rainbow Or Dick's Brain Is Silly: R, Slade/Dick (Bat Family) Finished September 3, 2007
Dick can't stop thinking about black and white and gray so Slade stops him

Alone And Lonely: PG13, Roy (Green Arrow/Teen Titans) Finished June 30, 2007
Despite the drugs, Roy is both alone and lonely.

Amusement and Survival: PG13, Selena, Slade (DC Comics) Finished January 20, 2008
Salavation Run if Slade had been there with Selena.

And Baby Makes Four: PG13, Steph/Kara/Cassie (Pre DCNU) Finished January 6, 2013
Written for My Three Ships 2013, my recipient requested these three and having a baby.

And How They Are Different: NC17, Tim/Dick (Teen Titans/Bats) Finished January 21, 2007
A four month later sequel to Similarities. They may both be Robins but they can be so different in bed.

Another Contract: PG13, Slade (JLA) Finished August 12, 2007
Set during the Society insanity, Slade wonders what the hell he's doing.

The Art Of Release: NC17, Slade/Dick (Bat Books) Finished September 1, 2007
Slade really is a damn perfect Dom...Set in a nebulous time and world, so very not

At His Core: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished June 27, 2007
Set during the Wildebeast Saga, Slade sees the truth in his son.

Avoiding The Butterfly Effect: PG13, Tim, Dick (Teen Titans) Finished May 30, 2010
Tim gets sucked through a time portal and meets a much younger Dick. Took three years to write.

Badges Of Honor: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans)Finished May 30, 2007
Stripes can be badges as well.

Batkitty: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished August 12, 2007
Tim gets a little friend.

Beyond Redemption: PG13, Slade/Dinah (JLA) Finished August 18, 2007
She should never have trusted him.

Beyond Saving: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished August 18, 2007
Slade ignores the flames to search for a lost love and finds something else.

A Bitter Pill: PG13, Dick (Bat Books) Finished June 30, 2007
OYL Dick is feeling petty and resentful.

Brain Freezes Makes A Good Justification: PG, Slade/Dinah (JLA) Finished August 25, 2007
Slade and Dinah flirt on the hottest day of the year.

Brat: PG14, Tim (Bat Family) Finished February 3, 2008
Tim's sick of life and starts being an ass. Slightly slashy.

Breaking Up Isn't Hard To do: PG13, Dick/Tim Finished May 30, 2010
Tim breaks up with Dick over email.

Bringing Him Home: light NC17, Dick/Tim (Bat Books) Finished July 29, 2007
What if Dick had been killed by the Joker and Jason had lived? What then might happen if Dick came back to life as Renegade, set to make his family's life hell?

Bring Him To Life: PG13, Dick/Tim Finished April 8, 2010
After bringing down the League of Assassins, Tim finally returns home, completely broken. Songfic for Evanescence's song of the same name.

Broken Arrows, Repressed Desire, And The World Goes Askew: R, Dick/Roy (Teen Titans/Outsiders) Finished February 25, 2007
Roy and Dick are trapped with air running out and Roy makes a suggestion as to how to spend their last few hours and Dick...well, he has a surprise of his own.

The Burn: R Tim (Bat Books) Finished July 11, 2007
Tim watches two unlikely people having sex.

Can't Be Held: PG13, Roy/Dick (Bat Family) Finished October 21, 2007
Dick always leaves...Roy always lets him come back...

Carbon: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished May 11, 2008
Fire burns (tree pretty...oops, wrong fandom!)

Caregiver: NC17, Dick/Tim (Bat Books) Finished January 18, 2010
Set in a "Red Robin" gone very wrong, Dick takes care of Tim.

carpe diem: PG13, Tim/Kon (Teen Titans) Finished September 30, 2007
Kon comes back, Tim tells him what he's felt all along

Cling: Light NC17, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished January 18, 2009
After Bruce's death, Tim clings to all he has left. Inspired by Korn's "Freak On A Leash".

Corruption: PG14, Slade, Robin Finished March 2, 2007
Things go a bit differently when Slade captures Robin and his plans for the young man are definitely twisted. Set during Teen Titans 43

Destiny Or Choice?: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 19, 2009
Batman's missing and Tim has a decision to make...or maybe it's already been made for him.

Diamond In The Rough: PG13, Slade/Dinah (Birds of Prey) Finished June 27, 2007
She's a Gotham Girl born and bred...

Dirty Dancing: NC17, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished September 3, 2007
Two brothers, a night dancing, a sexy song, a relationship that shouldn't be but is necessary for them like breathing.

Different Kinds of Scars: PG14, Slade/Dick (Nightwing) Finished March 3, 2007
Slade ponders the scars on and in Dick. Set during the Renegade storyline except, y'know, with the two guys having lots of hot sex.

Distraction: PG13, Slade/Dick (Nightwing) Finished June 30, 2007
A naked man in your bed can sure pull you away from work.

Doing His Duty: R, Robin/Batman (Bat Family) Finished September 15, 2007
Robin has many duties; this is just one of them. Squick alert!

The Door:PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 11, 2009
Tim wakes up in a different world.

Empty Reflections: NC17, Robin/Slade (Teen Titans Cartoon) Finished December 30, 2006
The only thing that reminds him of who he was is his own mask. Set during the Apprentice episodes if Robin never got away from Slade. WARNING: non-con relationship, lots of angst and darkness, no on-screen rape though plenty of hints, and a bit of non-con sex; Robin is eighteen.

Endlessly Breaking: PG, Tim (Bat Books/Teen Titans) Finished June 27, 2007
A companion piece to "All He Could Do Is Break".

Even In Death...: PG, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished April 12, 2007
Slade finds her, limp and beautiful and growing cold.

Everyone Has A Freak Inside: Tim (Young Justice) Finished April 20, 2007
The gang are sitting around goofing off and being teenagers.

Everything Goes Dark: PG13, Slade (DC Comics) Finished May 11, 2008
It's the end of the world as we know it.

Evil Enters Like A Needle: NC17, Tim/Slade, non-con, drug use (Bat Family) Finished September 3, 2007
Slade nabbed Tim instead of Cass. Written for Greeneyelove who gave away the bunny of Slade drugging Tim with the serum instead of Cass, and Dick, Jason and Cass rescuing him.

Faltering: R, Dick/Slade (Teen Titans) Finished July 7, 2007
Two enemies share a kiss; set after Titans East.

Family: PG13, Slade (DC Comics) Finished August 23, 2009
Slade finds out what happened to Joseph at the hands of Vigilante.

Fear Itself: PG13, Slade, Rose (Teen Titans) Finished October 14, 2007
Slade doesn't fear death until it comes for one he loves.

Feeling The Heat: PG13, Slade, Dick (Bat Books) Finished July 5, 2007
Sometimes the choice to kill someone is harder than letting them live.

The Final Break: PG13, Dick/Slade (Bat Books), Suicide Finished July 22, 2007
A sequel to "All He Could Do Was Break". Slade hears the news out of Gotham and knows Dick won't take it well.

Five Times Tim Could Have Lost His Virginity And Didn't...And One Time He Did: PG14 Tim with various pairings (Bat Family/Teen Titans) Finished January 22, 2008
Pretty much what the title says. One pairing is slashy.

Friends Together Forever: PG (Teen Titans) Finished January 11, 2009
Two friends try to break into another friend's room.

Full Circle: PG, Tim (Bat Books) Finished February 21, 2009
Tim makes a choice, just as Bruce had before him.

Get Up: PG, Tim (Bat Books) Finished January 19, 2009
Tim's talking to himself.

Good Memories: PG, Dick/Tim (Bat Books) Finished August 25, 2007
Dick drags Tim off to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Gotham Never Sleeps: PG, Tim (Robin/Bat Books) Finished August 4, 2007
It's 2:00 a.m. and Gotham never sleeps.

The Grave: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished May 30, 2007
A headstone never says enough.

Green: NC17, Tim/Ivy (Bat Books) Finished April 10, 2008
Ivy captures Tim and it's just all squicky and wrong from there...

Growing Boy: PG, Tim, Cass, Steph (Robin/Bat Books) Finished August 4, 2007
There's a food budget? There's also certain girls not dead or evil.

Hard: PG13, Roy (Outsiders) Finished January 1,2007
No one ever said being a parent would be so damn hard.

Hard: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 19, 2009
Way in the future, Tim's gone hard in self protection or madness.

Healing Flames: PG13, Slade, Raven (Teen Titans) Finished January 14, 2007
Healing comes in surprising ways, as Raven drags Slade out of the Titans East & West battle to bring it to an end.

He No Longer Cares: PG13, Slade/Dick (JLA) Finished September 3, 2007
Has he sunk so slow that nothing matters?

He'll Live With It: PG, Tim/Slade (Bat Family) Finished September 30, 2007
Tim goes to the darkside. I tried something interesting in the writing of this fic. Does it stand out?

High School Never Ends: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 19, 2009
Batman's back from the dead and Tim's stuck in school...again.

His Little Brother: PG13, Tim, Dick (Bat Family) Finished October 20, 2007
greeneyelove provided me with the first line and I was already half-way through writing "Loaded Gun" but it fit the situation so I wrote another one, same situation.

His Match: R, Tim/Match sort of (Titans), offscreen rape Finished May 5, 2007
Slade and Titans East hung onto their prisoners a lot longer than in the comics and Tim was given to Match.

Homeward Bound: PG13, Tim/Tam (Bat Books) Finished January 16, 2010
Tim has to go home but he's not ready and he turns to Tam for comfort.

I'm Going To Hell: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished January 18, 2009
A Bat and an Arrow watch a Robin work out a few years in the past. Inspired by Incubus' "Pardon Me".

In All The Alleys In All The World: PG13, Roy/Buffy (Outsiders/BtVS Crossover) Finished January 29, 2007
There's a portal and through the portal comes the one girl in all the world...yada yada, and she ends up saving Roy Harper's life

Inevitable: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished October 20, 2007
He was a natural at what he did best but what he did best was destroy.

The Invitation: PG, Slade Finished January 28, 2007
Deathstroke ponders an invitation and Slade makes a decision.

Is Truth Subjective?: PG13, Tim, Slade (Bat Family) Finished August 12, 2007
He gives a lot of hints, a lot of truths and half-truths; it's the sifting that takes time.

An Issue Of Family: PG13, Cass/Slade (Teen Titans) Finished June 27, 2007
Set during Titans East, Cass shows Slade what she needs.

It Only Makes Sense: PG13, Cassie/Tim/Kon (Teen Titans) Finished December 29, 2011
Three Ships fic, written for this threesome and the prompt: sticking together. Set after Kon comes back to life and the decisions the three make are different.

It Was Enough: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Family)Finished February 1, 2009
Inspired by "Call Me When You're Sober", Dick can't stand to see Tim self-destruct, so he leaves him...or is Tim the one who leaves?

It Wasn't Him: PG13,Slade (DC Comics) Finished November 28, 2009
It wasn't him or I will redeem the man anyway I freakin' can!

It Wasn't Time Travel: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 11, 2009
Sequel to "The Door">

The Killing Rage: PG14, Slade (Bat Family) Finished February 18, 2008
A prequel to "Potential", Slade rarely kills in fury but this time...

Kissed By A Rose: NC17, Tim/Rose (Teen Titans) NONCON Finished April 30, 2007
This is a snippet of a much larger story that will never see the light of day. In it, the Society won, killed most of the heroes and took some as prizes. This follows directly from Rose being given Tim by Lex Luthor (the real one in my universe, not Earth 3's) after Slade, on Luthor's orders, executed Dick. To get Tim under control, Rose knocked him out with a nerve pinch.

Lacking Grace: PG13, Kory/Dick (Bat Books) Finished January 18, 2010
Kory watches Dick as Batman and notices the differences.

Last Man Standing: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished August 18, 2007
In the end, Slade's the only one left.

Laughter: PG14, Dick/Roy (Titans) Finished February 12, 2008
Inspired by a picture of Dick and Roy and written in about ten minutes.

A Lazy Saturday Morning: PG13, Tim/Rose (Teen Titans) Finished August 25, 2007
The old married couple of the Titans have a lazy Saturday morning.

Lessons Learned In A Short Life: R, Rose (Teen Titans) Finished October 11, 2009
Rose knows all about men and she learned her lessons well.

Let This Be The End: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished February 3, 2007
Deathstroke waits for the world to end.

Like A Lingering Scent: PG, Tim/Cassie/Kon (Teen Titans) Finished August 4, 2007
Tim's moving on, but he really isn't. Set after the Amazon War.

Loaded Gun: PG13, Tim, Dick (Bat Family) Finished October 20, 2007
Set after Teen Titans #51, Dick heard about what Tim did with the gun and doesn't handle it well.

A Loss Too Great: NC17, Tim/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished June 20, 2007
Set after Flash 13 (yeah, the Bart one), Dick knows just how Tim will react and goes to help him.

Making It Legal: NC17, Tim/Kon (Teen Titans) Finished August 18, 2007
Two young men have some fun and share a laugh in a Kansas hay loft. Why Kansas?

The Mask Was Enough: PG, Tim (Teen Titans/Bats) Finished December 31, 2006
Tim never fails to give one hundred percent to any assignment.

Maybe Somewhere They're Girls:PG, Tim/Jaime (Teen Titans) Finished February 21, 2009
Every You, Every Me, literally.

Mind Blowing: NC17 Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished October 20, 2007

A Moment of Kindness: PG13, Tim/OFC (Bat Family) Finished September 30, 2007
Tim just wants to get laid.

Motivation: R, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished November 25, 2007
Slade tortures someone to get what he wants.

Never Leave: PG13, Roy/Dick (Outsiders/Bats) Finished January 30, 2007
Roy and Dick are trapped. Based on the lyrics to Celine Dion's "Everywhere I See You".

Never To Be Warm Again: PG13, Slade (DC Comics) Finished October 20, 2007
Revenge is finally cold.

No Longer Your Tim: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Books) Finished August 29, 2009
Again, Dick finds Tim but, again, he's too late to save him.

No Peace To Be Had: PG13, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 11, 2009
Gotham is shredding itself and it needs a Batman.

Not Funny: PG13, Tim, Kon (Bat Books) Finished October 11, 2009
Back from the dead, Kon doesn't recognize Tim in what he's become.

Not A Natural Blonde: PG13, Slade, Dinah (DC Comics) Finished October 14, 2007
Set way in the future, vanity knows no age.

Nothing New: PG13, (Bat Books) Finished August 3, 2007
Someone gets shot and the pain is nothing new.

On The Brink: PG14, Slade (DC Comics) Finished December 8, 2007
He's always watched over Slade.

One Breath: PG14, Tim, Bruce (Bat Family) Finished January 12, 2008
My version of the events in Batman 672 when Bruce collapses.

One Brief Moment: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished May 23, 2007
Slade reflects on wasted years.

Outside Of Each Other: PG13, Roy/Dick (Outsiders/JLA) Finished July 7, 2007
Roy hears the news coming out of the Outsiders and goes ballistic. (Written before Outsiders: Nightwing/Boomerang)

Passion Cannot Rule Him: NC17, Slade/Dick (Bat Family) Finished September 3, 2007
Love was his downfall, but passion was his curse.

Payment: NC17, Slade/Dick, non-con (Teen Titans) Finished October 27, 2007
Slade fulfilled his contract with the Hive and got his payment in a much darker world.

Perfect Heir: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished January12, 2007
He'll always be Robin to Deathstroke.

The Photograph: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished February 18, 2007
Set after Infinite Crisis, after avoiding his daughter's room for weeks, Slade wishes he'd continued to do so

Potential: PG14, Tim, Slade (Bat Family) Finished February 18, 2008
Tim really can't handle one more death, but help comes from an unexpected source.

Precise For A Reason: PG, Tim/Rose (Teen Titans) Finished January 22, 2007
A sequel to Precision. After three years Tim still does everything precisely right.

Precision: PG, Tim/Rose (Teen Titans) Finished December 30, 2006
Tim does everything precisely right, much to Rose's amusement.

A Promise: PG, Slade/Dick (Bat Family) Finished September 3,2007
There was a fight and a fire and a rescue...Nebulous time

A Really Good Liar: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished August 12, 2007
Slade's a master of lies, but, in the end, he couldn't lie to Rose.

Renewal: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished November 25, 2007
Written for 30_ballads for prompt #25, "Dirty Little Secrets" by All American Rejects

Reversal Of Ill Fortune: PG13, Slade/Dick (Nightwing) Finished June 9, 2007
Set during the Renegade arc, the tables are turned.

Ripple Effect: NC17, Slade/Dick Finished May 17, 2010
He thought it was a dream but instead, someone gave him a wish, a wish that changed everything. Everything had gone wrong after Slade Wilson killed his son and, in doing so, was possessed by him. What if he hadn't looked Joey in the eye? How would the world, how would he change? For one thing, he woke up the day after falling asleep to find a pretty gypsy boy in his bed.

A Road Unwanted: PG13, Tim (Bat Books) Finished January 11, 2009
Batman returns.

Romance Is In The Air: PG14 Joseph (Teen Titans) Finished December 8, 2007
A mother watches her son leave the nest.

Running: PG13, Slade (Bat Books) Finished November 28, 2009
Set after Battle For The Cowl, Slade makes a mistake by going to Gotham (PS Jason isn't evil).

Saucy Minx: NC17, Dick/?, spanking, slash (Bat Family) Finished September 30, 2007
She really was asking for it.

The Scent of Violets: PG13, Slade/Dinah (Teen Titans/JLA) Finished February 18, 2007
Slade mourns what might have been.

Shaped In Madness, Forged In Blood: NC17 overall, Slade/Dick, Tim/Rose (Teen Titans) Work in progress, Updated March 26, 2007
In Teen Titans #4(2003) Jericho in Deathstroke's body nearly shot Robin in the head, only to have him saved by Kid Flash. What if Kid Flash hadn't gotten there in time? Timeline: Teen Titans "A Kid's Game" through Nightwing "Renegade".

She'll Keep His Secret: PG13, Dick (Nightwing) Finished October 28, 2007
Amy figures out Dick's secret but doesn' fire him from the police force.

Shiver: NC17, Roy/random stranger (Teen Titans) Finished January 12, 2007
A look at the dark side of the world through the eyes of a sixteen year old junkie. WARNING: drug abuse, prostitution

Similarities: R, Tim/Dick (Teen Titans/Bats) Finished December 6, 2006
If an outsider gave them even more than a casual glance, he'd think they were brothers. WARNING: Semi-squicky pairing.

Slade Wilson: A Character Study: PG13 (DC Comics) Finished October 31, 2009
Set before DC ruined Slade's character, turning him into a supervillain. My view of him.

Something More Than Duty: NC17, Robin/Batman (Bat Family) Finished September 15, 2007
Sequel to "Doing His Duty", it's his duty, so he doesn't expect to have it returned.

Soul Burning: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished March 17,2007
Slade heals but there's still something really wrong with him.

The Sound Of Hope: PG (Teen Titans) Finished January 11, 2009
Batman is missing, Tim left the Titans, life basically sucks, until...

Stirring Like A Bird: PG, Tim & Kon (Teen Titans) Finished February 21, 2009
Happy, happy, joy, joy, Kon is back!

Stone On Steel: NC17, Slade/Tim (Teen Titans), DARK FIC, NON-CON Finished April 9, 2007
Slade still holds Tim prisoner yet he's no longer tied to those pillars but to something much softer. Set after Teen Titans 43

A Study In Black And White: PG, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished January 15, 2007
A year of planning bears fruition. Set near the beginning of The Judas Contract.

Suffering: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished June 9, 2007
Can he stand to watch the man he loves suffer?

A Surprising Situation: R, Slade, Dom/sub (DC Comics) Finished November 28, 2009
Slade finds himself with a slave on his hands.

Take Me Home: PG13, Tim, Kon (Teen Titans) Finished June 12,2007
Kon's being haunted, only the ghost really needs Tim.

Take Me Home: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Books) Finished November 28, 2009
Tim finally wants to go home and Dick wants him home, despite all he's done.

Teacher And Student: Slade/Dick (Teen Titans/Nightwing) Finished April 21, 2007
Twenty years in the future two allies turned enemies have a final accounting.

There'll Be Pie: PG, Tim (Bat Books) Finished February 21, 2009
Two brothers share a quiet moment over Gotham...with pie.

Things A Sex-Ed Manual Never Tells You: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished August 12, 2007
Tim remembers how passion grew

Time, And Something More Precious, Lost: PG13, Tim/Dick (Bat Family) Finished September 30, 2007
Tim wakes up missing twelve hours and something else.

Too Late: PG13, Dick/Tim (Bat Books) Finished August 23, 2009
Dick finds Tim but is he too late to save him?

Two Batgirls In A Coffee Shop: PG13, Babs, Steph (Pre DCNU) Finished December 20, 2012
Written for Yuletide 2012. Eight a.m. trig tests suck. Steph needs lots of caffeine and Babs wants to mull over the night's reports while pretending to have office hours. Somehow cute men become a topic of conversation as scones are had, Bruce is mourned, and a pre-teen Robin gets what he deserves.

Two Boys In A High School Locker Room: NC17, Dick/Roy (AU Teen Titans) Finished August 18, 2007
AU Roy and Dick are in high school together.

The Truth Constricts: PG13, Dinah/Slade (JLA/Green Arrow)Finished May 23, 2007
Dinah discovers a truth.

Uncaring Regret: PG13, Slade, Cass (Bat Family) Finished September 3, 2007
He both feels sorry for her and doesn't.

Unplanned: R, Slade, mentions of rape (DC Comics) Finished November 28, 2009
Luthor's Society wins; Slade's sick of the whole business and inadvertently rescues a hero.

Vengeance Is A Cold Blade: PG13, Slade (Teen Titans) Finished May 28, 2007
Someone's waited a long time for this day.

The Violence Of A Kiss: PG13, Tim/Jason (Bat Books) Finished August 4, 2007
They hit each other, they kiss each other, there's really no difference.

A Visceral Thrill: R, Slade/Tim (Teen Titans) Finished October 27, 2007
Slade finally gets a Robin.

Walking Through Soho In The Rain: PG, Tim/Dick (Bat Books) Finished August 25, 2007
Set during the away year, Tim is healing, Dick is happy about it.

The Watcher On The Heights: PG, Tim (Bat Family) Finished January 19, 2009
Tim will always watch over Gotham.

We'll Meet Again Soon: PG13, Roy/Donna (Teen Titans) Finished June 30, 2007
Roy hears an old song that brings back memories.

What He Can No Longer Afford: PG13, Slade/Dick (Teen Titans) Finished August 18, 2007
Slade believes he has no choice.

What Really Turns On Tim: PG13, Tim (Young Justice) Finished June 30, 2007
Remember when Tim wasn't constant emo boy? Pure silliness.

Why Me?: PG13, Tim, Kon (Teen Titans) Finished June 9, 2007
A common affliction hits Robin and Superboy really isn't any help.

Wow! So That's What It's Like: Light NC17, Tim/Cassie (Teen Titans) Finished September 30, 2007
Tim and Cassie have sex. (Yeah, I know, she's just using him to replace Kon...isn't he doing the same thing? *g*)

You're A Dead Man: PG13, Slade (DC Comics) Finished October 14, 2007
Someone tries to blow up Slade--he doesn't take it well.

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