Growing Boy

by Lara Wilson

At the sound of giggles, Tim looked up from his tray overflowing with food and frowned at the two girls sitting across from in McDonalds.

"What?" he asked defensively, reaching for his second super-sized serving of fries.

"How you afford?" the girl in black asked, her mask pushed up just over her mouth to allow for a fork-full of salad--with untouched dressing on the side--to be inserted.

"Oh you know Batman has to be loaded," the girl in eggplant said, smirking around her grilled chicken sandwich sans bun, her mask also pushed up over her mouth. "Robin here probably gets a big allowance."

"There's a food budget," he protested as he gulped half his soda. "And I'm hungry."

"Growing boy," Stephanie snickered.

"Really?" Cass asked, cocking her head skeptically. "Looks same."

"Greasy Big Macs put hair on the chest."

"Needs more."

Tim turned bright red and stuffed more food in his mouth. "I'm just hungry, can we leave it at that?"

"It's a good thing we're girls or we'd never be able to afford anything but food."

Tim though it was a good thing they were girls because the food budget barely covered his meals and their "light snacks".

He made a mental note to remind Bruce that it wasn't so long ago Dick was a teenager and, if he had the appetite then that he had now, he was getting a lot more money for food.

Or Bruce hadn't taken into account inflation.

Whatever, if hot apple pies weren't two for a buck he wouldn't have enough for dessert and fighting crime on a hungry stomach just didn't work. The bad guys tended to laugh at the growling.


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