Organizations & Affiliations

Unilateral Rejection of Revisionist Spike History

Perverted Old Ladies for MAFF!

S.P.A.N.G.: Spikes and Angels


Spike/Dru Shipper

People for the Ethical Treatment of Spike

Proud member of the BTVS Site Master's Guild

Omni Mutatem, Nihil Delendum
Proud member of Omni Mutatem, Nihil Delendum

Spike/Angel Slash Appreciation Society
Priestess of the Naughty Bits

The Spike Girls
Poodle Spike

Angel Sired Spike Brigade


I have my own stake courtesy of The Slayer Show

Ugly Vampire Adoption Centre
Proud mistress of Fred, the Vampire Accountant

CFAN: Interactive: Adoption Agency
Owner of this lovely Willow.

Bandleader of The James Marsters Spoon Worshipping Cult

Chief of Counter-intelligence of The Joss Mutilation Brigade

Priestess of the Sweet & Low of the Church of Martsters
and our God of the Perpetual Borned

List Mummy for NightBlooms, Spike, Angel and Drusilla fanfic for adults

List Mummy of Road_to_Redemption, Angel and Faith fanfic for adults

List Mummy of Darling_Boy, Angel and Darla fanfic for adults

Co-List Mummy of Calliope's Garden, an invitation only haven
for Buffy fanfic writers of all genres

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