Furthering Her Education

by Lara Wilson

The dreams began on her return to Hogwarts for her second year. The summer had been peaceful. She'd spent the time recovering, happy in the warm embrace of her family. She'd thought herself free of Him.

That first night, tucked into her warm, dormitory bed, she experienced her first erotic dream. Barely twelve, she was unprepared for the physical sensations and they overwhelmed her, leaving her sobbing and breathless, her body trembling in release.

After that He came to her at least once a week. At first, He was simply memories, faded and opaque. He couldn't touch her, only whisper to her, dark and nasty things. She didn't understand half of them. But, as she grew older, learned more of the ways between men and women, He began to take form.

She was fourteen when He first touched her, His hand between her legs a much better substitute for her own hesitant fingers. He touched her with sure strokes, his mouth suckling at her tender breasts, arousing her even more as He caressed a place she'd never thought to, and brought her quickly to orgasm.

Six months later, His form was solid enough that He could manipulate it. She was ready for the sight of his cock, hard and heavy. It filled her hands, and she learned that she had power too, as He moaned and bucked beneath her caresses. It wasn't long before she was taking it in her mouth, down her throat, eager to give Him as much pleasure as He'd been giving to her for so many years.

On her sixteenth birthday, He finally took her, fucking her hard. She cried out at the pain, moaned at the pleasure, and reveled in the power.

And, in the aftermath, as she lay curled against His cold body, He told her what He wanted of her.


Lucius stared through narrowed eyes at the girl standing on his doorstep. It had been several years since he had seen her and she had grown tall and willowy slender. His eyes lingered on her rather impressive breasts, then settled on her face.

"Miss Weasley. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"A mutual friend directed me to come see you to further my education."

One eyebrow arched. Intrigued, he gestured for her to enter, and she swept past him, no longer awkward and girlish. There was something very...different about her. Lucius led her into the Library where he seated her on a settee before a roaring fire and took his own seat in an oak and tapestry Elizabethan chair.

"And this mutual friend would be...?"

She boldly met his amused eyes and smirked. "Tom Riddle."

That startled him and the languid yet predatory pose disappeared as he sat up straighter. "How?"

Ginny shrugged. "In my dreams, for years now. Even after He took corporeal form here in the real world, sixteen year old Tom continued to visit me. But, He can't take me any farther, and dreams are only that."

"And what does He wish me to teach you?"

Her eyes lit up. "Everything. Dark magic. Dark powers. Dark...desires."

Lucius was immediately intrigued and relaxed back in his chair. He crossed one leg over the other at the knee and ran his eyes over her. There was not an ounce of fear in her. "A Weasley corrupted. Hm...That *is* an interesting prospect."

"You began it. Might as well be you who sees it through." She crossed her own legs and her short school-girl skirt rode up. Lucius' eyes fell to her bared thigh and he felt his cock stir beneath his wool trousers and silk shorts. A glance at the clock on the mantle showed him that he had a good two hours before his wife returned from her latest Paris shopping spree.

Rising to his feet, he reached a hand down to her. "I believe we will be more comfortable elsewhere."

Ginny took his hand and let him lead her out of the Library and up the grand staircase to his bedroom. He stopped them on the threshold and looked down at her.

"Are you certain, girl? Once we enter this room, your life will change."

Smirking, Ginny stepped into the room. "You have a high opinion of yourself, my lord."

His hand landed heavily on her shoulder and he jerked her back against him. "Oh, very high, my dear," he murmured darkly in her ear, sending a shudder through her. "I suggest you disrobe and we'll see just what use you are."

When he released her, she began to undress, removing each item of clothing with little care or attempt at enticement. He watched her from cool eyes, his arousal growing as she bared more skin. There was still innocence there, in her movements, in the way she briefly held her brassiere over her breasts before dropping it to the floor.

That innocence wouldn't last long in his bed.

As she dropped the remaining item of clothing and stood naked before him, Lucius smirked and gestured to the bed. Ginny climbed into it, and the sight of her plump bottom was enough to harden him completely. With a low groan he stripped off his clothes with as little care as her, the followed her onto the bed.

Moving over her, he straddled her slender hips, placed his hands on either side of her head, and looked down into her pretty green eyes.

"Touch me."

Ginny obeyed him instantly, her hands rising to his chest, her fingers running lightly over his nipples then down over his ribs and hips. She stirred beneath him, nibbling on her lower lip in a way that made him groan again, then her hands were on his ass, kneading the hard flesh.

Lucius dipped his head, his long hair spilling over her pale skin. His mouth fastened hungrily around one of her taut nipples and her cry of pleasure filled the air. Lowering his hips, he rubbed his erection against her flat stomach, her silky skin giving him he friction he desired. His mouth moved to the other nipple then trailed hot kisses up her body to her throat, which she bared so enticingly.

He nipped, and she whimpered. Her hands tightened on him, then moved up his back, her blunt fingernails sending shudders through him. Bracing on one hand he slid the other down her body to delve between her legs.

She was swollen and dripping.

Lucius rose up and grabbed her thighs, lifting and pulling her legs around him. Her cleft was shaded by auburn curls, and he stroked one finger between her folds, then brought her secretions to the tip of his cock, rubbing it into his aching flesh. Lowering himself back onto her, he wrapped an arm beneath one of her legs, lifting her, then pressed against her entrance.

With a near growl of lust, he pushed inside her.

Ginny stiffened, her fingers tightening around his shoulders, biting into him. She cried out in pain, and Lucius' eyes widened. He felt the barrier but couldn't stop the hard thrust of his hips that drove him through it.

Pleasure of another kind flooded him. He hadn't expected this. As the girl moaned and shivered beneath him, he pulled back and thrust again, this time his way unimpeded. He began a slow yet steady rhythm, smacking his pelvis lightly against hers as he buried his cock deeper and deeper into her.

"Open your eyes," he ordered, his voice a seductive croon.

Obeying him, Ginny blinked up at him through her tears, but he also saw the dark need shining behind those tears, and a glimmer of pleasure.

"This is a surprise." A pleasured purr sounded from him as she stirred beneath him, her hips rising slightly to meet his thrust. "Yes...that's good, girl."

The pain fading, Ginny was more inclined to resume caressing him, and her body began to move with his. The pace increased, grew more erratic, and she watched the lust crease his face, heard his sharp pants of passion. She moaned and arched against him, her own pleasure returning. She found that when she moved just so her clit rubbed against the hardness at the base of his cock, stimulating her nerve endings and sending jolts of lust through her. Clinging to his shoulders, she wrapped her free leg around his hips and bucked up against him.

Lucius grinned down at her, his teeth clenched, breath hissing through his nostrils as he neared his peak. The girl was enthusiastically though unskillfully fucking him back.

She had much promise, though.

Pulling out of her, he expertly flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her to her hands and knees, his favorite position. As Ginny moaned and whimpered, confused and hungry, he gripped her hips so tightly he was sure to bruise her, and jerked her back onto his throbbing cock.

"Ah...yes," he hissed, head thrown back, his pelvis slamming hard against her curvaceous bottom. Ginny cried out with each thrust, her body shuddering as his cock rubbed her passage differently than before. She fell onto her elbows, her head heavy and hanging between her arms as she panted harshly.

Feeling his balls tighten, Lucius slid one hand around her hips, his fingers unerringly finding and pinching her swollen clit. He wanted her to enjoy herself enough to come back for more, so with quick caresses he brought her off, making her yell and shudder as her orgasm swamped her.

Her inner muscles clamping down on his cock were enough to draw out his own release and he grunted as he pumped wildly into her. With another grunt, he pulled out of her and collapsed onto his side. Ginny toppled over, gasping for breath. Slowly she turned onto her side to face him, a smile of pleasure on her face.

"Go clean yourself," Lucius ordered brusquely, "and bring back a wet cloth to clean me as well."

Flustered at his command, Ginny slid from the bed and winced at the soreness between her thighs.

Lucius watched her pad across the floor to the door he'd pointed to, then smiled evilly. Oh, this was going to be enjoyable. He stretched, then grimaced at the sight of blood smeared across his cock and thighs. It had been a while since he'd deflowered a virgin. They weren't a known commodity at court after all.

Ginny returned, a bowl of warm soapy water and a soft cloth in her hands. Setting them on the night stand, she sat on the bed, again wincing slightly, then wet the cloth and began to clean him.

"Obedience is a highly sought after quality," he murmured as she stroked the warm cloth over his genitals.

"I can be obedient." She wrung out the cloth and looked solemnly down at him.

He shot her a look. "You will have to be. Our Lord requires complete fidelity and obedience. You will need much training. It will begin now." Sitting up, he pointed to a wardrobe. "In there you will find many tools to aid in your training. Pick one."

Puzzled, Ginny rose and walked over to the wardrobe. Opening both heavy doors, she gasped at the contents. Whips, chains, paddles, switches, items she'd never seen before. A tremor went through her, a mixture of lust and fear. Her hand passed lightly over the well-oiled whips, then to a light-weight wooden paddle. She was smart enough to know that she'd need to build up a tolerance to pain before she could handle some of the items in this cabinet.

Holding the paddle, she turned to find Lucius sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for her. She approached him and handed him the tool of punishment. He examined it carefully.

"Good choice. I think a two dozen to begin with." Rising to his feet, he pointed to a chair in the corner of the room. "Place your hands on the seat and bend over. For every time you lift a hand, I shall add five blows, do you understand?"


"Yes what?"

She flushed, "Yes, master," then scampered over to the chair, her body trembling in anticipation and fresh lust.

Grinning, Lucius followed her, tapping the paddle gently against his palm, his fingers itching to see color blossom on those pert bottom cheeks, his cock stiffening again as he imagined fucking her as she bent over, sobbing in pain.

Oh yes, Ginny Weasley's training was going to be quite enjoyable.


Later that night, tucked into her bed at Hogwarts, her bottom hot and bruised, her body tingling with pleasure, Ginny dreamed.

Tom yet not Tom sat on a throne surrounded by wispy dark figures. Ginny approached Him nude, and dropped to her knees in front of Him. His voice echoed in her head, a sibilant hiss of lust. He told her He was pleased. She would learn quickly, become skilled and adept at the dark arts and pleasures of their kind. Soon she would be His instrument to destroy the accursed Potter brat, and once he and Hogwarts and the whole world had fallen to shadow, she would take her place at His side as His queen.


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