Full Circle

by Lara Wilson

Full circle.

It began with a cave full of bats and a glimmer of an idea born in the mind of a child. It grew from an obsession for justice and a city crying for a savior.

A broken boy grew up swearing no one else would break.

Money and technology and training and with a swirl of black an anti-hero was born.

In a cave full of bats.

Full circle.

That man is gone and three stand in the cave with the bats sleeping overhead. Young men, too young for the burden thrust upon them, but the city cries for its savior to return, and that original man was young once, too.

Despite his promise, they have all been broken.

Like him, it made them stronger.

But there is only one like him.

The eldest is too full of light. To take on the mantle will kill him.

The middle one is too full of anger. To save the city he'll take it too far into darkness.

The youngest...

Full circle.

He is the one broken just enough to follow in his mentor's footsteps, to skirt the edges of darkness, to save the city while not losing himself.

He is only seventeen.

Too young in years, ancient in spirit.

He makes his choice and the eldest opens the case.

A swirl of black and it begins again.

Batman returns.

Full circle.


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