Everyone Has A Freak Inside

by Lara Wilson

"What are you doing?" He stressed the 'are' and tried very hard to resist rolling his eyes.

Kon grinned up at his best friend and wiggled his ears again, sending both Bart and Cassie into giggling fits while Cissie simply snorted and shook her head. "We're playing a game. Best stupid human tricks. I can wiggle something else but Cassie threatened to cut it off."

Cassie turned bright red and smacked him in the arm.

"Impulse, you're supposed to be on monitor duty."

There was a whir of red and white and then Bart screeched to a halt in front of him. "Nothing happening. I've been checking, really."

"He has, really," Cassie added.

"And aren't you and Cissie supposed to be in unarmed combat training?"

Kon leered at both girls. "I wouldn't mind seeing that."

Cassie smacked one arm, Cissie the other, then they both started giggling this time.

"Come on, Robin, haven't you heard that old saying, 'all work and no play makes Robin a dull boy'?" Cissie snickered, then clapped her hand over her mouth as their leader turned his patented Bat glare on her.

"I'm pretty certain that's Jack."

"Jack? Who's Jack?" Bart asked, on another return trip from the monitor room.

Robin sighed heavily and crossed his arms over his chest. "While you've been goofing off, I've been going over our logs and they're in dire need of updating."

"Dire? No one says 'dire'. Man, you really are turning into a Bat."

Robin resisted adding a smack to Kon's arm.

Cissie moved between the two, turning a smile on Robin. "Come on, Rob, I bet you can do lots of cool stuff. Cassie can tie a cherry stem into a bow with her tongue."

Cassie turned bright red.

"That I'd like to see," Kon said with a grin at the same time Bart said, "Why would anyone want to do that?"

"Darn, we're out of cherries," Cassie said, not bothering to go look.

"And I already demonstrated my extraordinary ability to actually chew gum and rub my stomach at the same time," Cissie added.

"I can pull my bottom lip up to my nose." Bart demonstrated to a "Cool" from Kon and a chorus of "Ewwww, gross" from the girls.

"So, what can you do Robin?" Kon asked as Bart struggled to return his face to normal, adding in aside to their youngest member, "Dude, you didn't drink any of that gunk Elongated Man left behind, did you?"

Robin looked at each of his friends, then shook his head. "Nothing in your league, guys."

"Oh, come on. You have to be good at something unusual. I mean, we know you're great at lots of stuff like jumping off of buildings without any fear, and hitting people in the nads with birdarangs, but how about something only you can do, not Robin."

"I am Robin."

Kon did roll his eyes at that response. "Dude, we're all more than the costumes, even me."

"You just think you're larger than life," Cassie teased, and Kon flashed her a grin.

Robin slowly let his arms fall away from the clench across his chest and sighed. "I actually learned this before I became Robin. If I show you, will you actually do some training this afternoon?"

They all agreed, Kon with crossed fingers behind his back, and Bart after zipping back and forth to the monitors again, massaging his sore lower lip, so his verbal agreement came out kind of slurred.

Pulling off one of his gloves, Robin concentrated on his thumb, then snapped it into an impossible angle with only one dot of perspiration appearing on his forehead.

"EWWWWWW" Cassie and Cissie yelled, covering their eyes.

"Neat!" Bart mumbled so it sounded like "Neash".

Kon looked at the thumb and grinned. "You really are a freak."

"It's a really useful way to get out of handcuffs." Robin popped his thumb back into place with the barest of grimaces. "I can do my shoulder, too, but that hurts more and it might impede the weapons training I want to do later."

Smacking his best friend on the shoulder, Kon said again, "Freak."

"Bat," Tim replied, finally grinning.


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