Five Times Tim Could Have Lost His Virginity And Didn't...And One Time He Did

by Lara Wilson

Shit, shit, shit, was all Tim could think as the vines twined around his legs, arms and shoulders, pinning him to the tree. Everyone knew Ivy had taken Robinson Park as her own, but still he'd had to scout it out, and now she'd caught him like a rank amateur and...


Glancing down in horror he saw one of the vines rubbing back and forth over his groin, putting enough pressure on it that even through the cup he could feel it.

And it felt good.

As he watched two other vines began to snake their way beneath the chest plate of his armor, and he lunged helplessly against the bonds holding him. As one by one the vines slid beneath the lightly armored shirt to caress his naked chest, he squirmed faster, which only made the vine at his groin rub harder.

Lust sprouted hard and heavy in his young body, and he groaned and banged his head back against the trunk of the tree.

"Tsk, tsk. Is that any way to treat such a lovely tree?"

Eyes popping open, Tim snarled at Ivy as she strolled towards him wearing only a bunch of strategically placed leaves and flowers over her pale green skin.

"And here I am offering you all the pleasure in the world," she cooed, stopping in front of him and letting her eyes drift down his wriggling body. "You're such a pretty young thing. "One finger brushed over his lips and he jerked back, afraid of what might be on it. She inhaled then exhaled deeply and he smelled the perfume of her flowers and something else, something ...musky. "And you smell so good. So...ripe." Her lips formed a lusty smile and her eyes darkened. "Shall I pluck you?"

"Um...I'd really rather you didn't," he managed to choke out.

Those lips formed a pout. "Your mentor always turns me down, too." A bright look replaced the pout. "I could make you. One taste of me and you won't have a choice." Ivy leaned forward, one hand cupping his chin to hold him in place as he tried to twist his head to the side, and she breathed her scent on him. "Pretty little bird. I could eat you up." As she moved to kiss him, her other hand went to his belt, seeking the skin beneath.

The hard jolt of electricity sent her into shock and killed the vines clinging to him. Ivy tumbled to the ground, and Tim shook off the dead bits of greenery. As he skirted around the moaning plant woman, he had a minute moment of regret--he would have gotten rid of his virginity--but then sanity returned.

Afterwards, she probably would have turned him into a tree or something.

At least now he could join in with all the rest of the clan in telling Poison Ivy stories.


"You're going to get me killed one day." The laughter in his voice belied the harsh statement, and Dick simply chuckled.

"But, what a way to go, Timmy. Flying."

Tim stuck his tongue out then collapsed on the rooftop of Dick's Bludhaven apartment, reclining on his elbows and staring up at the dark, cloudy sky. "It's weird. I could tell when the moon came out from behind the clouds, even with the blindfold on and the extreme panic running through my veins."

Dick dropped down beside him, sitting easily with his hands draped over crossed legs. "You're adjusting to the night."

"I've been out in the night for nearly three years," Tim scowled, "I should have adjusted by now."

"You're too hard on yourself," Dick replied, his voice light and lazy. "You're sixteen, you're body's still growing. I'm impressed your center of balance is so good. You only nearly fell off the train twice tonight," he teased.

"I bet you never nearly fell off."

Dick laughed outright at that. "I can't tell you how many times Batman hauled my ass back up. Kiddo, you're doing fine."

Sighing, Tim forced himself to accept that and turned his attention back to the sky. The clouds now crossing the moon were yellow with pollution and he frowned, but then Gotham wasn't much better. "It'd be nice to lay out and watch stars not covered with pollution."

"The mountains are good for that, so are the plains, away from cities."

"A vacation." Tim said the two words as if it was a heavenly dream.

"Bruce has a cabin outside of Steamboat Springs. We could go there sometime, hit the slopes."

Turning his eyes from the night sky, Tim puzzled at the earnest look on Dick's face. "Sure."

Dick smiled brightly and Tim pushed himself up into a sitting position, drawing his legs beneath him.

"What's going on?" he asked, suspicious.

"You want to stay the night?"


"Because there are some really great ways to end a night of train jumping and star gazing."

The flirty comment made Tim swallow his saliva and he gaped at Dick. "Are you...coming on to me?"

Dick's face closed down, the smile disappearing in an instance, then he cursed softly, and ran a hand over his face. "Shit."


"I'm sorry, Tim. Watching you watching the stars, it...shit..."

Tim felt himself flushing, but felt something else, too, and reached out to stop Dick from scrubbing at his face again, his fingers closing around the gauntlet-clad wrist. "It' It really is." It really was. Tim was a bit amazed at that.

"Yeah?" Dick asked hesitantly, lowering his hand and slowly twining his fingers with Tim's.

"Yeah. I have, y'know, thought about it."

The smile hesitantly returned to Dick's face. "Really?"

And Tim blushed deeper and dropped his eyes to Dick's really pretty lips. "Yeah, but I'm haven't...shit."

Dick laughed softly and pulled Tim into a tight hug. "I'm not going anywhere, Tim. Whenever you're ready."

"It would probably be unfair of me to ask you to kiss me, then, right?"

Dick answered him with a soft, gentle kiss, that stole Tim's breath, then pulled him to his feet. "Call me when you get back to school."

"Yes mother," Tim replied with a straight and very red face.


"Steph...It's just..." Confused, horny, and really weirded out, Tim pulled back from Stephanie.

No, from Robin.

"I can't," he said in a small voice, shaking his head as he backed away from the window where Stephanie was perched like the bird she was now. Her lips shown with her familiar strawberry gloss, reddened from their kissing, but he couldn't see her eyes, she no longer needed to raise her cowl to kiss him, and the costume was just too weird.

It was all too weird.

"Tim, I've missed you," she cajoled. "I've been so busy." She didn't say with what, but he knew--training, patrolling, being...him. "And you've been avoiding me," she added, her voice somewhere between pout and accusation.

"I'm not supposed to have any contact with anyone in, y'know, the life," he used as an excuse she saw right through, and she hopped into his room. "Steph," Tim hissed, "You have to leave."

"If your dad barges in, I'll take the blame for stalking you, don't freak."

"It's not that. It's..." He scraped his hand through his hair and slumped onto the end of the bed. "This just is...It's not working, Steph." He could almost see her roll her eyes behind the mask.

"Duh, because you're being more freaky now than you were in the mask."

"Could we not talk about that," was his cold reply as his spine straightened from the slump he'd fallen into.


"That's all behind me. I'm just plain Tim, now."

"And Tim is what? The complete opposite of Robin?"

He didn't answer because he was still trying to figure that out himself.

"You're still the guy who was there for me when I had my baby, right? The guy who got me through the freezing cold when the sun went out, right? The guy who was always there for me?"

"...Yeah, I guess, but I can't do any of that anymore."

"You can still be my boyfriend, right?" she asked belligerently.

"I'm not sure," was his reluctant answer. "I'm just a normal guy."

"You will never be a normal guy." She sat down next to him, tucking one knee beneath her so she could face him. "And I'm not a normal girl. We're the definition of not normal. Look it up." Leaning in, she kissed him, a hungry, needy kiss, and her hands wrapped around the front of his shirt. She smelled of kevlar and baby powder.

And it turned him off completely.

"I can't," he groaned as he broke the kiss. "I just can't. Not with that." Tim tried to ignore her hurt look but winced at the angry one.

"I'm Robin now. I fought for this. I earned it. I'm not giving it up for you or anyone. But I'm still me, Tim, still Stephanie. I haven't changed inside."

"I can't," he ground out, not looking at her. "It's not just the title or the costume, it's everything. We've switched roles and I'm not ready for that. I just can't look at you like that. Not yet. And I can't..."

"Kiss me, touch me, fuck me, I get it," she yelled quietly, bouncing to her feet. "When you get over yourself, you know where to find me." With a flounce of her skirt, she was back out the window and he heard the familiar sound of a grapple gun and the distant clink of it catching on stone.

Rubbing his hands over his face, Tim sighed in frustration. It was just too weird with her in his outfit,

He wasn't sure he'd ever be over it.


Cass often used his shower and ate his cereal, but she usually did it while he was at school or on patrol. It was a shock to find her sitting naked at his kitchen table finishing a bowl of cereal and mouthing the words to 'Cat In The Hat'.


She looked up and smiled. "Tim, cat is bad."

"Um...yeah. Cass?"

When she rose to put her bowl in the sink, he quickly spun around, trying not to let the image of her breasts and her legs and...everything in between sink into his teenage brain. Since he was breathing hard, he didn't hear her come up behind him-- not that he heard her very often anyway--so her hand on his shoulder made him yelp and spin back around.

Eyes on her face, Tim, he chanted to himself as he gulped out, "Why are you naked?"

A solemn look crossed her face and her hand rose to brush across his cheek. "Time to grieve over. Time to live now." And she pressed her lips to his.

Too startled to do anything, Tim just stood there until she broke the kiss and stared at him curiously.

"Um, Cass? I'm okay, really." Before he knew it, she had his hand cupped around her breast and he could feel the nipple hard against his palm, which made him swallow repeatedly.

"Is okay, Tim," she said slowly. "Okay to feel."

"I...Cass...I can't," he finally said painfully, and carefully stepped away from her until they were no longer touching. "I'm not...I'm living, really, and I understand why this is one way to deal with grief, but it's not for me, okay?"

Cass looked at him until he wanted to squirm. "Why?"

"It's just not. I...Look, Cass, I've never done it."

"I know."

Tim felt himself blush even more. "Oh. Did Steph...?"

"Body language. You ready. I can tell." She took a step towards him and he held up his hands as he backed off.

"Physically, but not emotionally. Can you understand that?"

"...Emotion...Love? Need love?"



"For me, for the first time, at least, I think. It's just very confusing," he finally groaned.

She smiled. "Love makes better? Dick and Babs? Batman and Catwoman?"

"Really don't want to think about the last one," Tim muttered, "Actually, either one."

"Why not you and Steph?"

"That's a really good question." Suddenly very tired, Tim slumped down on the couch and tossed her a throw. "Could you cover up?" Wrapped in the throw, she joined him a moment later, but didn't touch him. "I wasn't ready and, was too late." That hurt and he frowned in consternation.

"Still grieving," Cass said softly and patted his hand.

Tim wrapped his fingers around hers and nodded. "Yeah."

"Understand...I think. But, here if you need. 'Kay?"


"Watch movie instead?" Her voice brightened.

Tim smiled and nodded again, reaching for the remote with his free hand. "Thanks, Cass."

"Friends forever."



One minute there were sitting on her bed in the Tower, her arms around his shoulders, her tears wetting his neck, the next she was straddling his lap and kissing him. Her hands tugged at his armor and, unconsciously, he helped her remove it, baring his chest to her frantic fingers. She sobbed into the kiss and his hands caught her around the back, fingers digging into the thin top she wore, feeling her heat. As he kissed her back, with more need than he'd felt in ages, they toppled over.

She remained on top, rocking against him, and he felt himself grow painfully hard against the athletic cup. Sliding his hands down to her jean-clad hips, he thrust against her almost mindlessly.

But, Tim was never completely mindless.

As Cassie yanked her top over her head, barely breaking their kiss to get the cloth out of the way, sanity hit, and Tim pushed her up, his hands tight around her biceps.

"Cassie...we can't," he panted painfully, wanting her, grieving along with her, knowing this was wrong.

Tears streaked her golden cheeks and she shook her head, sending tangled hair flying. "I need this."

"I know," he said gently, sitting up and moving her down his legs. She seemed to collapse and he gathered her against his chest, listening to her crying and feeling his own tears sting his eyes. "But it's too soon."

"He would understand."

Tim swallowed hard, the permanent lump in his throat constricting so he could only nod in agreement.

"I love...loved him so much," Cassie sobbed brokenly, her hands fisting against his shoulders, her tears hot on his skin. "I know you did, too. I know, Tim, and I'm okay with it. I always was."

Tim felt himself freezing at her words, at the truth spilling from her with so much pain, was Cassie, and she knew him. She knew Tim, not just Robin.

And, it was okay to let down his guard with her.

The tears slipped from his eyes and he buried his face in her hair. "I never...We never...It wouldn't have happened. He never saw me..." He couldn't go on and cried as she stroked his back and rocked against him.

Finally, the tears drained and the sobs quieted, and they sat there, breathing hard, comforting each other.

"You're right. It's too soon," Cassie admitted, her voice tired and old.

"I'll always be here for you, Cassie," Tim swore softly.

"I know." And they both knew it was a promise neither should rightly make.


Tim knows she's there before he sinks down onto the bed. She'll pounce. He'll pry her off. He'll ask the question. She'll dance around the answer.

He'll ask her to leave and eventually she will.

It's a game to her. He's not sure what it is to him, but he puts up with it, so maybe it means something.

Rose's fingers close around his shoulders, kneading gently.

"This is new." His voice is cool, dispassionate, though her strong touch is working its way through the armor and too-tight muscles and making him relax.

"You look tired, bird boy."

"I am. Do we need to play the game, Ravager, or will you just leave?" Glancing over his shoulder, he sees something deep and lonely in her eye before she lowers the lashes and begins to work on his neck.

"Why do you think I do this, Robin?"

The question surprises him and he thinks about it for a moment, letting out an involuntary groan as she hits a particularly sore spot. "You're lonely. You want attention. You think this is the only way to be liked. You think this is the only thing you deserve."

She snorts and he feels the hair on the back of his neck bristle as the heat of her breath hits him. "Maybe I like you."

"...Maybe." Taking a deep breath, Tim asks the question. "Have you been drinking."


Her answer shocks him because he instinctively knows it's the truth, and for the first time with her he lets his desire slip from his iron-tight control.

Rose leans over his shoulder and places a delicate kiss on his jaw. "I am lonely, and, yeah, this is probably some desperate attempt at acceptance or maybe I'm just all my parents' made me." He hears the word 'whore' in his mind though it doesn't reach her lips, and he knows her history but keeps his mouth shut. "But, Tim," she says his name for the first time and it's a not a surprise that she knows it, "You're lonely, too. You ache with it. I can see it so plainly. Let me help you." Her lips move to his ear placing a soft kiss. "Let go."

"I'm... not sure I can," he grinds out, afraid of the emotions welling inside of him and what might happen if he lets the dam that's held them in so tightly finally burst.

Taking his shoulders, Rose turns him so they're nearly facing each other, and she cups his cheeks in her oddly delicate hands. "You can't hurt me, but your need is so great." Leaning forward, she kisses him, and he lets her.

And everything breaks.


The sun shining through half-open blinds awakens him and Tim yawns, then rolls onto his side away from the light. Eyes blinking, he sees Rose, and surprise hits along with the memories.

She grins at him and kisses his nose. "Cute blush, boy wonder." He has no clue what to say and is oddly relieved when she slips from the bed and reaches for her scattered clothes. "Y'know, if you don't release that tension every so often you're really going to explode. Pent up a bit, weren't you."

Still, nothing rational comes to mind, and she laughs lightly, though he doesn't think it's really directed at him. At the door, wearing her outfit with the boots and cowl in her hands, she turns to look at him and adds, "I'm not going anywhere, Tim. Next move, though, is yours."

"It's not a game, Rose." He tries to meet her eyes and fails because, while he's finally no longer a virgin, he's still an easily embarrassed seventeen year old.

"No, but it's fun."

After she leaves, Tim collapses back on the pillows, letting himself feel the aches in his body from activity he's never experienced before, and smiles a bit in wonder. "Yeah. It's fun."


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