Three Snakes

by Lara Wilson

The heavy silver was cold against her breast, making her gasp and try to twist away. It slipped down her shivering stomach, rubbing roughly over tender skin, leaving pale red marks when he applied pressure.

She moaned, wishing she could see him, but he'd wrapped silk over her eyes and easily pinned her, his free hand holding both of hers over her head, one wool clad leg across hers. She was nude. He was not.

Heat burned through her as she admitted her helplessness and whimpered his name.

"Silence," he murmured in her ear, the head of the cane rapping against her pelvic bone hard enough to force tears to the corners of her eyes. "Lay still and let me have my pleasure." He released her hands and she left them over her head, obeying him without hesitation. His voice was too full of sensuous promise to be threatening, and she knew if she obeyed him, the rewards would be so much better.

As the silver snake head glided over her clitoris, making it swell and ache, and her back arched and more moans spilled from her, she remembered the first time he'd played with her thusly and the explosion of pleasure that had followed the cane's caress.

Ironic that her mother had suggested the cane as a Christmas present--something wholly suitable for a young man of his stature--and he'd used it to bring her to her first orgasm that Christmas Eve, something no truly refined man would ever have done to her with such an object.

But Narcissa had never wanted refinement and gentility. On the exterior, the well-mannered front she and her husband presented to the world was fine, but in the bedroom she wanted rough and coarse--to be fucked.

And Lucius was amenable to her wishes. She knew how pleased he was that his elegant and cool wife of an arranged marriage was a wild thing in his bed, and wholly his.

As the snake's head pushed inside her, she shuddered and wrapped her fingers around the bars of the headboard, and wondered how many times she'd orgasm before she passed out from sheer pleasure. Another thrust, this one deeper, emeralds and silver fucking her until she was wet and swollen, and she didn't notice him shifting or hear the zipper, but the tip of his cock pressed to her lips made her smile and open wide for his firm thrust.

Fucked by two snakes. Narcissa knew it couldn't get better than this.

The magically created smoke that snaked its way into her anus proved her wrong and made her scream around the cock down her throat as she came.

More she silently begged, writhing as she was pinned and probed and fucked harder and harder.

"More," she mewled as his first orgasm dripped down her chin.

"More," he crowed as he watched her come again, convulsing around the head of his cane as he thrust it harder and deeper, waiting for his cock to harden again so he could take its place.


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