Dance With Me

by Lara Wilson

Even behind the mask at the New Year's ball, she'd recognize him anywhere. That tight ass in form-fitting leather pants was unmistakable. He was leaning against the wall, watching the dancers, a bottle in one hand. A white top was molded to his torso and the simple black mask hid only the shape of his cheekbones and eyebrows.

She knew those by heart.

In white knee-high boots and a purple and white striped dress that barely covered her, Kara slipped across the dance floor, dodging dancers, laughing off attempts to pull her into the gyrations, until she reached him.

"Dance with me."

She held out her hand and he looked at her for a minute, then he passed off his beer, took her hand and she pulled him onto the dance floor. As she pulled his arms around her waist and began to rock her hips, he opened his mouth and one of her fingers covered his lips. With a shake of her head and a smile, she danced, grinding slowly against him, her fingers threading through his dark hair.

He responded, arms tightening around her, hands drifting to the small of her back, her hip, and she wondered if he knew it was her. The dark wig covering her tousled blonde locks, the tight dress instead of rumpled fatigues, had to throw him.

Unless he knew just how she looked and moved like she knew him, in her bones.

Is it my genes that have made me?
Is it the things I took, is it the things I said
Does karma rule?
Well if there's a God well can you hear me now?

She shimmied and smirked as his eyes darkened and glittered beneath the strobe lights.

"Do you always play with fire?"

"Are you going to make me burn?" she retorted.

"Can I?" One hand cupped her butt, rotating her against him until she could feel the hardness of him press into her core, heating her from the inside out.

"I like the fire."

I am crying out, hoping you know
And in my baby's arms I need no faith
I need no words to define myself

"That can be dangerous."

"You'll keep me safe."

"Maybe I'm the dangerous thing."

She grinned and tugged his head down to devours his lips with hers, leaving them both gasping. "Maybe we're both dangerous."

"And maybe we're both safe," he replied. "Kara..."


And when I'm holding you, light rushing through
I wanna make it now, safe and straight.


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