New Beginnings?

by Lara Wilson

She thought it was a former closet but it had her name on the door and a desk and uncomfortable chair. The desk was big, which was good for sprawling across it with Lee on top of her, enthusiastically kissing and fondling her, and neither had knocked the circle of lit candles onto the floor as they rolled and pawed.

He'd interrupted her private Winter Solstice celebration. She'd just lit the candles and opened her book of prayers when the knock had come on her door. Never one to share her faith openly, she'd been chagrined but part of her duties as CAG was to be there for her pilots, so she'd closed the book and stuffed it in a drawer before rising to open the door.

Lee had stood on the other side, bottle of hootch in one hand, two glasses in the other, some platitude of congratulating her on her new office on his lips. She'd been suspicious--why wasn't he upset that even afer Kane's death she'd kept his job?--but wasn't one to pass up the gift of alcohol.

A few drinks and inconsequential chit chat later, he'd made some comment that got her back up. She'd jumped up and snapped at him. He'd snarled back. In the small room it was easy to get in each others face. A bump, a derogatory name, a push, a grab.

A kiss.

"What are we doing?" Kara hissed as Lee's mouth latched around her ear, sending shivers through her.

"Shut up," Lee growled back into her ear before lapping his tongue up the crease behind it. His hands found the lapels of her jacket, pulled them apart, revealing breasts covered only by a thin layer of spandex and cotton that did nothing to hide her hard nipples. He reared back slightly and jerked off his own jacket. As he did so, despite her comment, Kara tugged at his belt and fastenings of his trousers.


Lee snorted, then groaned as she shoved his trousers down and wrapped her fingers around him. He retaliated by lifting her hips and pulling her pants down to her ankles, taking her boxers with them. He caught a glimpse of honey blonde curls shrouding plumped pink lips and felt his cock twitch and throb, before she guided him into her. Her legs scissored around his hips, her back arched, and her hands clutched his arms.

And the desk shuddered as they lost control and pounded together. Curses spilled from Kara's lips between breathy whimpers of pleasure. Lee grunted from between clenched lips, his eyes never leaving the taut planes of her face and her glittering eyes. Both let their bodies have free reign, driving for release, and let their minds drift free of protestations and possibilities.

"Yes," Kara growled, legs tightening around him and hips rising to meet his.

"Now," broke from Lee in a gasp as he flung his head back, finally breaking contact with her eyes. Shudders took them both and they muffled their cries against each others necks.

As their bodies slowly stilled and Lee shifted to the side so as not to crush her, Kara rolled her head and saw the candles still burning, and wondered at endings and beginnings. The new year was all about second chances. She didn't want to get her hopes up but maybe, just maybe...

"One night stands aren't my thing," Lee murmured as he pushed up to his feet and reached down to pull up his pants.

Kara stretched languidly and sat up. "Technically it's not night."

Their eyes met again and they smiled slightly at each other.

"Nice office."


He nodded and the smile on his face widened, not a smirk, but something more honest. Pointing to the bottle on the sideboard he said, "Save that. Maybe after tomorrow's mission we can share another...drink."

"Bring another glass. One of them got knocked off the desk when you flung me across it."

"It was worth it." The grin was full now, and Kara laughed in response. "Have a good Solstice, Kara." Lee slipped on his jacket.

"It's looking up. You too, Lee."

Leaning down he kissed her softly, then nodded to the candles. "Amazing that we didn't set the place on fire."

"Oh, there was plenty of burning."


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