Ho, Ho, Ho

by Lara Wilson

He found her in the kitchen looking incredibly domestic. Racks of cooling cookies covered every surface and the scents of chocolate and vanilla competed with cinnamon and peppermint. Christmas jazz was on the stereo and a risque little Ho Ho Ho apron was around Veronica's waist.

The flour dotting her nose was the epitome of Christmas perfection.

Logan opened his arms wide and wrapped them around her, lifting her off her feet as she batted at him with red and green plaid potholders. "Sugarpuss! You look good enough to eat."

"Put me down, idiot," she replied affectionately. As he did so, he kissed her nose, then spit out flour. "Charmer."

"The kitchen has vomited Christmas."

"It's the first and only time I have to do any baking. Dad has me on three divorce cases. Why do married people get stupid during the holidays?"

"Heightened expectations?" Patting her bottom, Logan let her go then reached for a gingerbread man and bit off its head. "I wonder what sadist decided that making cookies in the shape of men was a good idea."

"Probably one of those wives disappointed by a dastardly husband at Christmas."

"Well, I'm hoping the pile of presents I just stuffed under the tree will keep you out of that category."

"All I need is you," she said with a smug smirk.

"Sure, that's what they all say until they wake up with an empty stocking." Logan chuckled and bit off a leg. "Think these originally had dangly bits?"

Veronica choked back a loud laugh. "You are impossible."

He pretended to be affronted. "It's a legitimate question."

"Ask Martha Stewart."

"Dear Martha. What happened to the gingerbread men penises?"

The laughter couldn't be held back this time and she was still giggling when the timer went off. As she took another tray from the oven, Logan asked, "Are we feeding an army?"

"Pretty much. I told Marnie down at the shelter that I'd bring by twelve dozen cookies tomorrow for the holiday party. The kids deserve something sweet."

"I suppose you want me to help you tote."

She looked up from taking cookies off the tray and saw the enigmatic look on his face. "If you want."

"The last time I was there my dad mad me go for a photo op." Frowning, he crunched down on the other leg. "I suppose it's time I actually do something good on my own."

"You do plenty of good...now that you've grown up and stopped doing plenty of stupid things."

"So sweet."

"Face it, Logan. Somewhere along the way you became a good guy." Veronica pulled off the oven mitts and reached for his free hand, pulling it around her waist as she moved to hug him. "I think it was when you saved me from the Fitzgeralds. That cemented it."

"Purely selfish," he scoffed as color flushed his cheeks. He never was comfortable with compliments. "I hadn't hit this yet."

And she was used to how he tried to brush off compliments and only laughed softly. "My horny hero."

Logan dipped his head and kissed her tenderly. "You taste like sugar. Been snacking on cookie dough?"

"I think that's the law."

"And you always obey the law."

"Where cookies are concerned, yes." Plucking the torso of the cookie from Logan's hand, Veronica took a bite out of what would have been the groin, which made his eyes go hot. She just grinned and turned off the oven. "Should I spend the next hour cleaning up in here or....?"

Logan scooped her up and slung her over his shoulder. "Time to jingle my bells, Veronica."

"Ho ho ho!"


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