Let's Consider The Mistletoe

by Lara Wilson

It took her a while but Veronica finally decided she couldn't get past the huge betrayal that was Meg's pregnancy. Not the pregnancy itself but that Duncan had known and had never said a word. After months of her weird relationship with Logan and never knowing when he was telling the truth or leaving things out, Veronica had deemed honesty the most important quality in a boyfriend.

Betrayed by the man she'd dreamed of spending her life with...again...was too much.

So, a week before Christmas, she dumped Duncan and decided to try lesbianism.

That joke had gone over like a lead balloon among her small circle of friends and especially her dad, so she wallowed instead and ignored her dad's attempts at livening up the holiday.

Two days before Christmas, she sat on the floor before the tree and grumpily shifted all the delicately placed tinsel into large clumps, while humming the Grinch song. A knock on the door stopped her humming and she threw the remaining handful of silver threads over a benevolently smiling angel, then rose to answer the door.


"Hey." Standing there looking adorable and sweet--rather than adorable and psychotic or just sexy and evil--he shifted nervously on his feet and pulled a sprig of mistletoe from his pocket to hold it over her head.

"What are you doing?" Her eyes went skyward to the green leaves droopy onto her forehead.

"I heard this rumor. Well, actually I got it out of a very drunk Duncan, that you broke up with him. No more Betty and Archie?"

"Nope. I'm going gay."

Logan snorted at that and Veronica defensively crossed her arms over her chest. "Never going to happen. Let's play Veronica and Reggie instead."

"That," she tilted her head up to eye him and the mistletoe, "Is never going to happen either."

"I'm persistent."

"You hate me."

"I got over that. I never really hated you. I hated that you dumped me."

"Yeah, that's why you jumped right into bed with Mrs. Casablancas."

Logan had the grace to a look a tad embarrassed by that as he shrugged. "Mrs. Robinson seduced me, what can I say, and I was a free agent."

"You're still a free agent. Go be one," Veronica urged, stepping back and away from the mistletoe.

Sighing, Logan tossed the sprig over his shoulder. "Knew that was too cheesy. How about we try caveman instead?" And he grabbed her arms and pulled her out the doorway.

Her cry of "Logan!" was cut off by his lips on hers and while she struggled for a moment, the old feelings came crashing over her and she quickly began to kiss him back. The next thing she knew they were in front of the tree, rolling in tinsel, tugging at each others clothes.

And then she found out all she'd been missing with Duncan.


"What was that?" Veronica murmured, as she lay wrapped around Logan, covered with scattered bits of clothing.

"That was us getting back together," Logan replied smugly.

"Oh really, buster? You think one round of great sex means I'm going to wear your promise ring?"

"Can you pierce it through your nipple? 'Cause that would be hot."

Laughing, she rapped him on the shoulder, then rolled over on top of him and rose up, her hands on his chest, her fingers brushing over his own nipples. "You get your dick pierced and we'll talk."

"Don't dare me." He grinned up at her and cupped her hips, rocking her against him until she moaned.

"I'll double dog dare you."

"Doggie style?"

Veronica gave him in an intrigued look. "You're just lucky my dad is out of town."

"So are we back together?"

She squirmed backwards, making him groan this time, and grinned. "Dunno. It definitely needs more consideration." He thrust two fingers into her and she whimpered. "Yeah, that's helping..."


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